September 22, 2023
Marvel Legends Review | Thor & Lady Sif (Thor: The Dark World)

Thomas heads to Asgard to review Thor and Lady Sif from Hasbro’s Legends collection

Imagine the Asgardians leading the charge in the legendary Battle of Vanaheim with these 6-inch figures, featuring premium articulation and highly detailed design inspired by the 2013 hit movie, Thor: The Dark World. The Thor & Sif 2-pack is part of Marvel Studios First Ten Years line that celebrates the all the MCU movies.

Sif comes with her shield, her sword and her spear that can be detached into two swords. She 19 points of articulation for some awesome action poses! Her outfit is screen accurate and has beautiful paint apps! Hasbro really nailed it with the silver aspect of the armor, they chose the right color with the right effect and they respected the different textures of the outfit.

The head sculpt is a great one, you can see the likeness to Jaimie Alexander and the digital print tech just makes it awesome!

Marvel Legends Review | Thor & Lady Sif (Thor: The Dark World)

As for the accessories, they have some nice details on it with the engravings on it!

Now, Thor. They respected the size of the character, the figure is really tall! The outfit is screen accurate and there are good paint apps! They used different textures but unlike Sif, the silver part of his armor isn’t the same quality as Sif’s armor.

The figure has 23 points of articulation and comes with the Mjolnir.

Marvel Legends Review Thor & Sif Double Pack 20

The head sculpt isn’t exactly the best … you can see a minor resemblance to Chris Hemsworth but something is definitely missing. The digital print tech makes the head sculpt a little better but it doesn’t fix it. Another problem is the beard uses a different color than the hair, that’s really too bad!

Up Close:

Final Thoughts:

This is a mixed 2-pack – Lady Sif is an awesome figure but Thor is not excellent, the head sculpt is the problem, still a good figure and a worth buying 2-pack!


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