September 27, 2023
Terminator: Dark Fate | The Poster Focusses on the Day After Judgment Day

First Terminator: Dark Fate poster drops ahead of the trailer tomorrow

Judgment Day feels like a long, long time ago.

The foundations of the Terminator franchise were built upon the threat of Judgment Day. The infamous day in our future when the machines turn on their human overlords and unleash a nuclear storm upon us resulting in global extinction.


The events of the original Terminator and its sublime sequel Terminator 2: Judgment Day were centred on preventing Judgment day and foiling the machines’ plans for world domination. The movies that followed focussed on the human resistance and their struggle to survive in the aftermath of Judgment Day, and the latest outing Terminator Genysis despite having some great moments just ripped up the script and left its audience baffled.

However, with James Cameron back behind the wheel and driving the franchise forward once again, the latest entry in the franchise, Terminator: Dark Fate is heading our way sooner rather than later. Ahead of the all-new trailer, which is expected to debut tomorrow, Paramount Pictures has unveiled its first poster for the movie which boasts the perfectly apt tagline: “Welcome to the day after Judgement Day.”


This new poster serves as the perfect reflection of what James Cameron brings to the table. It’s simple, effective, powerful and reverts to the spirit that launched the franchise back in 1985. With both Linda Hamilton and Arnold Schwarzenegger back on board and Cameron back as the driving force behind the franchise, we have high hopes for this new chapter. The Terminator franchise deserves an amazing sequel and Dark Fate has all the ingredients to be a huge success.

Come back tomorrow as we dissect the trailer….

“Come with me if you want to live!”


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Source: Paramount Pictures

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