S.H Figuarts Review | Ant-Man (Avengers Endgame)

Thomas follows Ant-Man into the quantum realm and emerges with his review of the Avengers Endgame Scott Lang from Tamashii Nations

Ant-Man is part of the first wave of figures released by S.H. Figuarts for Avengers Endgame. For this movie, Figuarts has chosen a white package with the Avengers logo on it, really simple.

This figure comes with a helmeted head, a helmetless head and 6 interchangeable hands. They did the minimum with the accessories here, that’s a bit disappointing on that side. However, after several Ant-Man figures, Figuarts has finally decided to produce a Scott Lang head sculpt and it was worth the wait! The head sculpt is spot on Paul Rudd, my sole problem with it is the digital print tech, it could have been slightly better.

S.H Figuarts Review Ant-Man (Avengers Endgame) 1

Unlike the Marvel Legends Ant-Man, this one has eyes sculpted in the helmeted head so it feels Scott is actually inside in the helmet, it’s a lot better! They used metallic paint for the helmet and it’s beautiful! The rest of the suit is screen accurate with lots of small details! And the shoulder pads are actually attached to the arms and have a point of articulation, which is a better choice compared to what MAFEX does with their shoulder pads. The figure has 27 points of articulation!

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Up Close:

Final Thoughts:

The definitive Ant-Man figure from S.H. Figuarts has finally landed!


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