December 4, 2023
Mafex Review | Bruce Wayne (The Dark Knight Trilogy) Medicom Toy

Thomas travels to Gotham City to review Bruce Wayne from Medicom Toys’ Dark Knight range

Following the release of the Justice League Bruce Wayne, it’s time to review another incarnation of the famous character which arrives in the form of Bruce Wayne from The Dark Knight Trilogy. This faithful reproduction of Bruce Wayne features specially fixed joint parts which enable all kinds of poses!

The figure comes with 6 interchangeable hands, a cane and accessories for the Batman Begins suit and the Batman 3.0 Ver, I won’t review these accessories as I don’t have the Batman Begins figure and for the 3.0 Ver it seems a bit difficult to remove the suit to put these accessories on so I won’t try it. The figure has 21 points of articulation.

Mafex Review Bruce Wayne (The Dark Knight Rises) 2

The suit is the same as Harvey Dent and Scarecrow’s suit but painted in different colors. This suit is seen in the movie except that the tie isn’t as detailed on the figure as in the movie. The paint apps are great, as usual! The head sculpt is sensational, it’s spot on Christian Bale and considering the suit he has, you could use him to recreate scenes from other Bale movies!

Up Close:

Final Thoughts:

Overall, The Dark Knight Trilogy incarnation of Bruce Wayne is a noteworthy addition to the Mafex range and a must have for Dark Knight fans!


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