January 30, 2023
Book Review | Star Wars: Rebel Rising (A Second Opinion)

Liam offers an alternative perspective on Beth Revis’ Rogue One prequel story

There were several books released alongside Rogue One: A Star Wars Story when it was released in 2016 mainly focusing on Galen Erso and his involvement in the Death Star; Rebel Rising takes a look at Jyn Erso prior to the events of the film, mainly her involvement and training with Saw Gerrera. There was a very brief mention of this in the film, so it was nice to delve into what actually took place.

Under the protection of Saw Gerrera, Jyn learns how to fight, blow things up and most importantly the art of forging documents; this was vital as it allowed Saw and his partisans in and out of systems that they wouldn’t usually be allowed access to. Jyn uses the skills she’s learnt on a frequent basis, and more often than not, the skills get her into a lot of trouble.

Star Wars: Rebel Rising | by Beth Revis


I had seen Rogue One before reading this book and when I saw the film, Jyn was presented as strong, brave and smart; once I had read the book and then watched it again, my experience was different with Jyn as now I felt as if I truly understood her and everything she had been through in the build-up making the film more impactful than it already is. Jyn’s backstory is full of sadness, after all, she saw her mother being murdered when she was eight years old and then saw her father taken by the Empire to work on the Death Star. Beth Revis does a fantastic job of capturing Jyn’s sadness and then translating it to a story filled with the essence of Rogue One.


Revis manages to produce a dark tone throughout the book, and no matter the successes Jyn achieves along the way, she realises that she has lost all of her happiness, which in hindsight makes her sacrifice in the film even more powerful.  Rebel Rising highlights that you should never give up, no matter how many times you get knocked down and Jyn Erso is the perfect example of this statement with everything she deals with in both the book and film such as being abandoned, betrayed and lost.

Final Thoughts:

Rebel Rising is a fast-paced book, alternating between different timelines such as Jyn’s younger years and her time in prison on Wobani. The back and forth between timelines remind the reader that this a prequel story to Rogue One, providing a more in-depth look into Jyn’s life.

As a whole, the story was fantastic; Revis did a tremendous job of keeping me hooked at all times, whilst also providing another layer to Jyn Erso’s story. I continue to urge people to read the Star Wars YA novels as in my personal opinion; they are probably the best stories coming out of the Star Wars universe at present. With the likes of ‘Lost Stars’, ‘Ahsoka’ and ‘Most Wanted’ amongst other YA novels released,  Rebel Rising is definitely another great addition to this catalogue.


Star Wars: Rebel Rising by Beth Revis is published by Egmont and is available to buy from all good retailers NOW!


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