September 27, 2023
The Gripping and Intense Final Trailer for Stranger Things 3 has Arrived

Things go from strange to ominous in the new trailer for Stranger Things 3

The final trailer for Stranger Things 3 has arrived and it delivers the knockout blow we’ve all been waiting for. For the past two seasons, Stranger Things has followed a tried and tested template where the main protagonists are teased, twisted and otherwise tortured by an unknown entity. And then, the spectacle erupts into an epic finale where all the pieces fall into place.

The Gripping and Intense Final Trailer for Stranger Things 3 has Arrived

The final trailer for season three reveals that the template has been ripped up and thrown out the window for all to see. The grippingly intense trials and tribulations of season three have been dialled to eleven (pun intended) and demonstrate the sheer size of the spectacle that will be unleashed upon us when the series debuts on July 4th.

Check it out:

This trailer is breath-taking and confirms that season three will surpass the scale of previous seasons in stunning fashion. Aside from the traditional demi-monsters which have been utilised to great effect throughout the preceding seasons, season three appears to finally reveal the true villain of the piece. The intimidating voice echoing throughout the trailer suggests the annihilation of mankind as we know it unless Eleven and her teenage cohorts can stop the infestation bleeding into our world from the upside down.

Bring on the mayhem.

Stranger Things 3 hits Netflix on July 4th.


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Source: Netflix

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