The Best Moment | Ant-Man

Annlyel continues her series focussing on the best moment from every instalment in the Marvel Cinematic Universe continuing with Ant-Man.

Ant-Man isn’t one of my favorite Marvel movies but I have grown to enjoy it over time. And Ant-Man, himself, is a gem. He’s funny, he’s lovable, and his superpower is pretty cool. Besides, without Ant-Man, would the heroes have been able to find a way to defeat Thanos through the Time Heist mission? I don’t think so.

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Anyway, off of that, Ant-Man is one of those movies that you don’t watch often but when you do you have a giant smile on your face while you’re participating in the adventure. There are plenty of fun scenes sprinkled throughout the movie like his confrontation with Falcon or the surprisingly epic battle with Yellow Jacket in the falling helicopter with The Cure’s “Plainsong” playing on the phone. Perfect song choice!

The Best Moment | Ant-Man

But my favorite scene in the film is actually when Scott Lang shrinks for the first time. We get to see the regular world in supersize and it’s amazing. From the nightmarish situation in the tub to the giant rat (or mouse, I can’t tell) this scene makes me happy every time I’ve ever watched it.

The Best Moment | Ant-Man

In fact, whenever Ant-Man shrinks it’s a wonderful experience, especially in IMAX.

Next up, Captain America: Civil War. I’m excited. 😁


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