December 6, 2023
Taika Waititi To Bring Flash Gordon Back to The Screen

After what has seemed like an eternity the defender of the earth will finally return to thwart Ming the Merciless

This project has been a long time coming.

Flash Gordon is one of the longest standing action heroes in cinematic history. His adventures began in 1934 and have been featured in comics, TV shows, The Defenders of the Earth animated movie/series and who could forget the iconic Flash Gordon movie starring Sam Jones, Timothy Dalton, Max Von Sydow and Brain Blessed.

Taika Waititi To Bring Flash Gordon Back to The Screen

After years of languishing in developmental hell, FLASH GORDON IS BACK. Deadline has learned that Taika Waititi has been approached by Fox/Disney to write and direct an all-new animated feature based on Flash Gordon’s original comic book adventures. In the beloved serial, Flash Gordon was sent to Earth via rocket ship to prevent the planet’s collision with Mongo, a world ruled over by its tyrannical dictator Ming the Merciless who would stop at nothing to thwart Flash’s attempts to save the world.

Taika Waititi To Bring Flash Gordon Back to The Screen

Flash Gordon was last seen in the Defenders of the Earth animated TV series which saw the titular character bring together a team of heroes to defend the planet from Ming and his minions. The series was adored by millions of fans but lasted just 65 episodes. However, the series has since received a cult following and has been syndicated on the Sci-Fi Channel as part of Sci-Fi Cartoon Quest.

Little is known about the new movie, however, with Taika Waititi appointed as the writer/director, I think it’s safe to say the project is in very capable hands. After a successful debut in the Marvel Cinematic Universe with Thor Ragnarok, Waititi has just completed work on an episode of the highly anticipated Star Wars spin-off series The Mandalorian and world war II adventure JoJo Rabbit.

Taika Waititi To Bring Flash Gordon Back to The Screen

Like most fans, I had hoped Flash Gordon would have seen the benefit of the big blockbuster treatment, however, with Taika Waititi behind the wheel I have complete confidence in Flash’s next adventure.

Bring it on!



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Source: Deadline

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