February 3, 2023
Mafex Review | Iron Spider (2nd Release) (Avengers Infinity War)

Thomas swings into action to review the updated release of the Medicom Toys Mafex Iron Spider

MAFEX had released the first batch of Iron Spider from Avengers Infinity War in June and at the end of August, they released the second batch. The first version had a lot of quality issues, the spider legs were easily broken and there were lots of paint app issues as well. Collectors feared that this second release wouldn’t fix anything … well, the good news is they fixed the spider legs issue but the bad news is the paint app issues are still there!

Mafex Review | Iron Spider (2nd Release) (Avengers Infinity War)

This figure comes with spider legs, 6 web effects, 3 interchangeable heads (including one Peter Parker head sculpt with a neck), one basic stand, two interchangeable magnet feet, 2 interchangeable magnet hands and 10 interchangeable hands. That’s a lot of accessories that we can all agree on!

Mafex Review | Iron Spider (2nd Release) (Avengers Infinity War)

MAFEX had recently become the best brand in the 6inch line. However, this figure is a HUGE step backwards. The first problem, one of the magnet hands is missing a magnet. The second problem is paint app, one of the heads has visible scratchs on this. This is utterly disappointing in terms of quality. We weren’t used to this with MAFEX in the last two years!

Mafex Review | Iron Spider (2nd Release) (Avengers Infinity War)

The final problem and it’s another big one is the Peter Parker headsculpt. First of all, the skin tone is not at all accurate, they reverted to the first orange skin tones that they had with their first figures years ago! Not happy at all! Then, the headsculpt itself is …. not horrible, you can see a resemblance to Peter Parker somewhere but it’s far from perfect. If you own a Peter Parker Manipple Studios custom head, you can use it, it fits and it’s ten times better than anything MAFEX have produced!

Mafex Medicom Toys Iron Spider (Avengers Infinity War) Review 4

Now, I would like to talk about the positive things of this figure because beyond all the negative there are also positive stuff! The paint used for the outfit is nicely chosen, it has this metallic effect and vibrant colors so that’s a great positive point! They totally nailed it! The spider leg system works with magnets and you don’t have to be worried that it may break, it’s pretty solid! And the legs have a great range of articulation! The legs are also painted correctly unlike the S.H. Figuarts version!

Mafex Medicom Toys Iron Spider (Avengers Infinity War) Review 12

The head system instead of interchangeable eyes is also a big plus from S.H. Figuarts, that’s the way to go for 6 inch figures! For the web effects, you have to put it before the hand, exactly like for Figuarts figures.

This figure has 26 points of articulation for awesome action poses!

The magnet feet and hands feature is pretty cool! It works for a character like Spider-Man!


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Final Thoughts:

This figure has many positive points but there are also many negative points. MAFEX has disappointed the fans!

To own this custom Peter Parker Manipple head we recommend: OneSixthKit


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