Marvel Legends Review | Rescue (Avengers Endgame)

Thanos had better watch out. Pepper Potts is suited and ready for action in Hasbro’s new Rescue armour!

From CEO of Stark industries to powered by Stark tech, Pepper Potts protects world order in her own Rescue suit designed by Tony Stark. Rescue is part of the second Avengers Endgame wave and the “Build-A-Figure” character is Hulk.

The figure only comes with two accessories – flight mode “wing tips” and ground mode “wing tips” or whatever it’s called. Sadly, no helmetless Pepper Potts head. However, the Pepper Potts from the Iron Man 3 triple pack fits on this one but the long neck feels weird.

Marvel Legends Review Rescue (Avengers Endgame) 12

In terms of paint apps, I think it’s pretty good and screen accurate. Obviously, the paint chosen isn’t the same as S.H. Figuarts, and the same goes for the plastic so you still have this plastic effect rather than a metallic effect that you have with SHF. It feels more like a toy than a collector item. However, it’s a pretty good figure and it’s nicely detailed!

Marvel Legends Review | Rescue (Avengers Endgame)

The figure has 21 points of articulation, she has the same POA as male characters which is appreciated as female characters usually have less POA.

Up Close:

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Final Thoughts:

Overall, Rescue is a good figure but the limited accessories and choice of paint let it down.


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