December 11, 2023
Marvel Legends Review | Mysterio (Spider-Man Far From Home)

Thomas has a confrontation with the master illusionist Mysterio in Hasbro’s Marvel Legends range

The master illusionist Mysterio battles his foe Spider-Man using his wits and the technology embedded in his suit. Mysterio arrives just in time for the release of Spider-Man Far From Home! The Build-A-Figure character of this wave is Molten Man.

I’m extremely disappointed there is no Jake Gyllenhaal head sculpt … I’m really mad about this! I doubt they will do many Mysterio figures from the movie so if that was the only one, they had to include a Gyllenhaal head sculpt, bad move Hasbro! I just had to say it right away.

The figure comes with 4 interchangeable hands – 2 closed fists and 2 open hands.

Marvel Legends Review Mysterio (Spider-Man Far From Home) 3

I have to say I’m impressed how they were able to keep such a comic book-y look into live action and it works! The figure looks great! There are some nice details there and different textures. The paint apps are excellent on this one! Even the cape is detailed! Colors and outfit are both screen accurate.

This figure has 22 points of articulation.

Up Close:

Final Thoughts:

Overall, Mysterio is a great figure, but the lack of a changeable Jake Gyllenhaal head is a massive disappointment.


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