December 5, 2022
Black Series Review | Ezra Bridger (Star Wars: Rebels)

Thomas joins the struggle against the Empire alongside Lothal’s Jedi saviour from Hasbro’s Black Series collection

Ezra Bridger joined the rebel crew of the Ghost and was trained in the ways of the Force by Kanan Jarrus. Bridger’s abilities grew quickly, and a message of hope he broadcast in the Lothal sector inspired several rebel cells to begin working together to fight the Empire.

Ezra is the latest Star Wars Rebels to join the ranks of the Black Series line, the only character missing from the line-up is Zeb.

This figure comes with a lightsaber and a cadet removable helmet. The blade of the lightsaber can be removed (if you do it carefully) and the hilt can be attached to his leg.

It’s always tricky to get an animated character into a realistic figure style because of the head, what do you do exactly? Hasbro really nailed it! They came up with a beautiful head sculpt that captures the spirit of the character, well done! You could almost think that they moulded it after a real actor, that’s how good it is!

Star Wars The Black Series Ezra Bridger (Star Wars Rebels) Review 7

The outfit is screen accurate with a wonderful paint job! This figure has 16 points of articulation.

Up Close:

Final Thoughts:

Overall, Ezra Bridger is an amazing figure and a must-have addition for every Star Wars Rebels fan!


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