September 30, 2023
Black Series Archive Review| Biker Scout (Return of the Jedi)

Thomas returns to Endor to hunt down the Rebels alongside Hasbro’s Imperial Biker Scout reissue

The Biker Scout is the first Imperial trooper to get the Archives re-issue treatment. First released with the speeder bike in 2014, this figure was widely available at the time but a few years later, it became quite rare so it’s a good thing Hasbro decided to re-release it!

This one is a repaint, they added more dirt to the boots, but other than that it’s basically the same figure. It comes with a blaster pistol that fits in the boot holster but be careful not lose it, it’s small!

It has 23 points of articulation so you can get great action poses!

Black Series Archive Review| Biker Scout (Return of the Jedi)

The Biker Scout is a screen accurate figure! It was my favorite trooper from the Original Trilogy and I’m happy I can get more of these guys at a normal price now!

Up Close:

Final Thoughts:

A great figure to army-build!


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