Superman Returns…Again!

Brandon Routh to reprise his role as Superman for the Arrowverse

Brandon Routh will be slipping back into his Superman suit for the epic Arrowverse crossover Crisis on Infinite Earths. Deadline reported on Friday morning that the former Man of Steel would be donning the red cape once again for what is expected to be the mother of all crossover events.

DC fans have come to know Routh as Ray Palmer/The Atom during the events of the Arrowverse, but his original introduction to the DC Universe was as Bryan Singer’s Man of Steel in the 2006 smash hit Superman Returns. Routh was cast as the successor of the late great Christopher Reeve who vacated the role following four stellar movies.

Superman Returns…Again!

Superman Returns was Bryan Singer’s love letter to original director Richard Donner and he utilised many of the familiar tropes of the Reeve movies. Sadly, it was not enough to unite the fanbase who criticised the movie for its failure to break new ground. Nonetheless, Routh was applauded for his efforts as Superman, especially when stepping into the shoes of a franchise legend like Reeve.

For those of you that follow the Arrowverse, you will be aware that the franchise already has a Superman in Tyler Hoechlin. Fear not, the actor will also be returning in the crossover as Superman with more than one Man of Steel required to save the multiverse.


This is awesome news. Despite failing to further the storyline of the Reeve’s movies, Superman Returns was a wonderful addition to the Superman legacy and Brandon Routh played a pivotal role in making the world believe that a man could fly. Personally, I cannot wait to see him slip into the cape once again. In my opinion, his performance was one worthy of a sequel and thankfully the Arrowverse is on hand to grant my wish.

The CW will be elaborating further on this exciting crossover event during the Arrowverse panel as San Diego Comic-Con this weekend. Will they expand on the future of the Man of Steel? Check back here throughout the weekend for updates.


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Source: Deadline Hollywood


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