Marvel Legends Review | The Collector And The Grandmaster (SDCC Exclusive)

Thomas tackles the SDCC exclusive Collector and Grandmaster double-pack from Marvel Legends

This is the very first SDCC exclusive I am getting, I couldn’t resist on a Benicio Del Toro figure! This pack includes The Collector from Guardians Of The Galaxy and The Grand Master from Thor: Ragnarok! As of now, this is the only way to get the Collector figure. The Grand Master will be available in August in a 2-pack with Korg but with a different facial expression.

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The pictures don’t do it justice but the packaging is actually BIG! It comes with a cardboard background for each character and that is pretty cool!

The Grand Master has his staff and the remnants of a victim of the melting weapon. The outfit is really detailed, they even painted his nails blue like in the movie! Hasbro used different textures for the outfit and it has great paint apps! The figure is screen accurate.

Marvel Legends Review | The Collector And The Grandmaster (SDCC Exclusive)

As for the face, Hasbro went with a grinning facial expression and it couldn’t get better than this! It’s spot on Jeff Goldblum and who says no to a Goldblum figure? Excellent work, there is nothing more to add!

This figure has 21 points of articulation. The staff is slightly bent as often with Hasbro accessories but otherwise, it’s fine.

Marvel Legends Review | The Collector And The Grandmaster (SDCC Exclusive)

The Collector comes with a second interchangeable head and an Infinity Stone. The quality is fantastic on this one as well, it has all the details from the movie and different textures to recreate the style of the different fabrics from his costume. Paint apps are great too! And they have chosen nice hand positions for this figure.

The face sculpt is totally Benicio Del Toro, it is for me one of Marvel Legends best head sculpts, the realism is impressive!

This figure also has 21 points of articulation.

Up Close:

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Final Thoughts:

Overall, this is a fantastic pack that includes the best-fashioned duo of the MCU!


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