December 5, 2022
S.H. Figuarts News | Han Solo Star Wars: The Force Awakens in Production

The long-overdue Han Solo action figure from The Force Awakens finally hits the assembly line

Bandai has a long-chequered history of unveiling incredible new action figures and then banishing them to languish on the slowest production line in history where they eventually fade away into memory. A Star Wars: The Force Awakens version of Han Solo was revealed a few years back, and though it looked set to become one of the best figures ever produced the figure just never seemed to reach the assembly line.

Until now.

We are pleased to report that the legendary smuggler appears to be heading our way at long last. Tamashii Nations has updated its website and has listed The Force Awakens incarnation of Han Solo as being set for release this December.

S.H. Figuarts News | Han Solo Star Wars: The Force Awakens in Production

If that isn’t enough to get every Star Wars heading to their import vendors in less than twelve parsecs, Bandai has revealed several fantastic promo images of the figure which reveal the character in multiple awesome poses. Sadly, the accessories included with the figure appear to be limited with it expected to be released with interchangeable hands, a blaster, and a holster.

Check out the awesome images below:

Pre-orders for this awesome figure are filtering through to import vendors as we speak, and Solo is finally scheduled for release in December. After enduring what has been an agonising wait for this figure, I cannot wait to add Han Solo to my collection.

Get ready to mutter “Chewie we’re home” in time for Christmas!


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