February 5, 2023
Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge | Disney Addresses Lower Than Expected Attendance

Overcrowding, rising costs and the unfinished Rise of the Resistance ride to blame!

During Disney’s newsworthy earnings call, Bob Iger touched upon the lower than expected attendance figures for Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. Among the reasons for the low turnout included overcrowding, rising costs of Disneyland tickets and hotels, and the fact the highly anticipated “Rise of the Resistance” ride wasn’t ready at launch.

“Rise of the Resistance” has been designed as a fully immersive and interactive experience which hurls consumers into the middle of a high-stakes conflict between the Resistance and First Order. Since the ride is still yet to be ready for public use, it’s no wonder attendance figures have taken a knock.

Galaxy's Edge | Opening Date of Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance Announced

As a venue, Disneyland is far from cheap, so fans may be holding off paying the rising costs until the park is fully realised. On a positive note, Iger noted that the consumer response had been incredibly positive and customer satisfaction was high, which is positive news.

Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge represents a bold step for Disney. The venue is the largest theme park expansion in the company’s history and the thought of it failing to appease its core fanbase is unthinkable. Surely the park cannot fail with rides like Smuggler’s Run, a flight simulator where fans get to pilot the Millennium Falcon. If the opportunity to pilot the Millennium Falcon isn’t enough to appease your appetite then a multitude of other interactive venues are available like: Oga’s Cantina, Docking Bay 7, Food and Cargo, Ronto Roasters, Kat Saka’s Kettle, Savi’s Workshop – a shop where guests can create and purchase their own custom lightsaber, Dok-Ondar’s Den of Antiquities – a store where guests can purchase Jedi or Sith Holocron artefacts, Mubo’s Droid Depot – a shop where guests can create and purchase their own custom droid, Bina’s Creature Stall, Toydarian Toyshop, First Order Cargo, Resistance Supply and The Milk Stand – a stand where guests can purchase blue or green milk.

Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge Opening Dates Revealed

With this much Star Wars-themed magic contained within the Black Spire Outpost’s borders, surely a massive attendance boost is right around the corner. Hopefully, when the Rise of the Resistance experience launches in December the force will return to Galaxy’s Edge.

What do you think? Is Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge mired by rising costs and a lack of attractions? Drop us a line and share your thoughts.


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1 thought on “Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge | Disney Addresses Lower Than Expected Attendance

  1. Effectively 2 rides and a bunch of shops.
    No more Canadian resident offer, hotel prices have jumped, higher priced tickets, poor exchange rate.
    We really do want to come, but for the reasons stated, it is unlikely, especially with only 1 ride even functioning.
    It is simply not worth it compared to our other options when you add all the costs up.
    We will likely come back when they incentivize Canadian residents again, if they do that is.

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