September 22, 2023
Graphic Novel Review | Venom: Dark Origin

Liam swings into action alongside Venom for his review of Marvel’s Venom: Dark Origin

Eddie Brock’s origin as Venom is given much greater depth in Zeb Wells’ ‘Dark Origin’ storyline, which looks back at Eddie’s childhood whilst also delving into his time as a crime reporter with the Daily Globe. Whilst working as a crime reporter, Brock was breaking exclusive interviews allegedly with the serial killer known as the Sin-Eater, only for him to be revealed as a copycat after the true perpetrator is unmasked by Spider-Man.

Graphic Novel Review | Venom: Dark Origin

Sacked from his job, his marriage over and his life in tatters, Brock considers suicide before he encounters the Venom symbiote, and they are merged together by their hatred of Spider-Man. In an attempt to take down Spider-Man, Venom strikes at Peter Parker’s beloved Mary-Jane.

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The first issue covers Eddie Brock’s upbringing and portraying him as someone who has always wanted to be important and sparks a visit from Spider-Man himself. Issue two shows Eddie’s rise from an intern to a reporter for the Daily Globe, and Issue three is where Eddie and Venom merge for the first time.

Graphic Novel Review | Venom: Dark Origin

Issue 4 is where the story really picks up the pace as it covers Venom surviving in a hostile alien planet and the fifth and final issue sees Venom go face to face against Spider-Man after the symbiote attacks Mary Jane; Venom predictably loses the battle and ends up trapped, leaving readers wondering where the story is heading as Venom and what Venom’s fate may be.

Final Thoughts:

Venom Dark Origin is a fairly straightforward story and doesn’t cover much that readers don’t already know, but despite this, it is still a fun read. Venom has always been an interesting character for me, so I’ll never pass up on an opportunity to read comics covering the character and I believe this one is great for current Venom fans, but also a good start for anyone new to Venom.


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