Star Wars: Creature DeathMatch | Rathtar vs Rancor

In this tongue-in-cheek post, Phil tackles some thought-provoking issues…like which creature would win…Rathtar or Rancor?

Let it not be said that team Future of the Force is afraid to tackle the biggest thought-provoking issues of the Star Wars universe. We agree that many questions should remain unanswered…some are just begging to be explored…and some are just a bit of fun! Today, I’m focussing on the latter. So, here we go:


Since its inception in 1977, the Star Wars franchise has been enhanced by some of the most imaginative creatures and aliens ever created. Whether your tastes run to the Wampa, Bantha, Ewok or Wookiee, we have all fallen in love with these wonderful creatures. In fact, Star Wars just wouldn’t be the same without them. But, which of them would best the other in a straight-up fight? Would an Ewok stand a chance against an Eeopie? Would a TaunTaun best a Dianoga? Is this all just nonsense?

Probably! But I digress, on with the nonsense.

Star Wars: Creature DeathMatch | Rathtar vs Rancor

The challengers for the title of top creature are THE RANCOR (famous for eating Oola and almost making a snack out of Luke Skywalker) and The Rathtar (famous for wiping out half of Kanjiclub). If dropped into the Geonosis arena which creature would come out on top? Let’s look at the contenders:

The Rathtar:

The ferocious and carnivorous Rathtars are regarded as one of the most dangerous beasts in the galaxy. Rathtars are known to hunt in packs and were responsible for the Trillia Massacre. Although regarded as primitive, they are hungry, vicious and relentless and boast multiple tentacles which flail around in all directions to ensnare prey. They are capable of devouring almost anything in their radial mouths which are funnel-shaped and are aligned with rows of razor-sharp teeth. Although far from agile, they are capable of curling their tentacles inward to form a ball shape which allows them to roll. However, this is their primary source of locomotion.

Star Wars: Creature DeathMatch | Rathtar vs Rancor

The Rancor:

The large semi-sentient reptilian carnivores are formidable predators. Standing at five metres tall, Rancor’s boast long arms, immense jaws and armoured skin capable of withstanding blaster fire. However, the creatures are widely regarded as benign and easy to domesticate leading to a reduction in their predatory instincts. And, a weak section at the base of their skull makes them susceptible to large falling doors and easy prey for larger predators.

Star Wars: Creature DeathMatch | Rathtar vs Rancor


This is a true David and Goliath affair, but after reviewing their profiles, attributes and offence skillsets, I believe that the Rancor would emerge victoriously. The Rancor’s sheer size and blaster resistant skin would make it a formidable opponent for a lone Rathtar, which with its limited agility would find itself outmatched against a Rancor. Even with its multiple tentacles latching onto the Rancor’s muscular frame, the Rathtar wouldn’t stand a chance against the raw power of the Rancor. And, with a colossal jaw capable of immense biting force, the Rancor would make easy work of the soft slug-like body of the Rathtar.


Star Wars: Creature DeathMatch | Rathtar vs Rancor

Now, if we attached laser beams to the Rathtars head…then we’d have a real match on our hands…but maybe that’s stacking the deck. But, considering this is just a bit of fun…why the hell not!

Next up: Wampa Vs Kowakian Monkey-Lizard! (Or maybe not!)

Which creature gets your vote in the Star Wars Creature Deathmatch? Drop me a line and join in the insanity!


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