Hot Toys Review | Wonder Woman (Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice)

Hot Toys Review | Wonder Woman (Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice)

Thomas prepares for the Dawn of Justice with the incredible Sixth Scale Wonder Woman Figure from Hot Toys

Sideshow and Hot Toys have officially presented the incredible movie masterpiece and highly anticipated sixth scale Wonder Woman collectable figure from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Masterfully crafted based on the appearance of the famous Princess of the Amazons, the sixth scale collectable figure features a BvS inspired base stand, 9 interchangeable hands, the lasso of truth, a strap, a shield, a sword, 4 interchangeable bracelets and an instruction sheet.

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The first thing I have to say about this figure – READ THE INSTRUCTION SHEET BEFORE ANYTHING ELSE! It’s very important, it’s a fragile figure even more than the usual Hot Toys figure. The articulation is actually inside the skin so it’s a totally different system.

If you follow the Hot Toys discussion, you’ll know that Wonder Woman figures are quite controversial. American reviewers hated the Batman v Superman figure because they said the head sculpt didn’t look anything like Gal Gadot. However, Asian and European collectors actually loved the sculpt and thought it was spot-on Gal Gadot. However, with the Justice League version, it was actually the complete opposite.

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My take on this is very simple. This Hot Toys figure has a spot-on Gal Gadot head sculpt, when you look at the front it’s her! It’s Wonder Woman, simply excellent! I was a bit afraid that the non-plastic hair would be a mess but I actually love it, when you have the figure in hand, it’s great! And having fake hair instead of plastic hair works better for the articulation range when it comes to long hair characters. As for the JL head sculpt, I had seen it at a store a while ago and it actually looked like Tom Cruise doppelganger with long hair which was very weird! I’m totally satisfied I have bought the BvS version!

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As for the outfit, it’s totally screen accurate. In BvS the strap is indeed on that side while in Justice League, it’s on the other side! These are bright colors and a beautiful steel paint effect on the armor parts! The skin tone is also pretty accurate, it’s not too white and not too tan. You have the choice between the normal bracelets and the bracelets with energy absorbed. The shield and the sword are precisely detailed. As always with Hot Toys, you always get the best!


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Final Thoughts

Another brilliant addition to the Hot Toys line! And the definitive version of Wonder Woman on that size!


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