January 29, 2023
New Spider-Man: Far From Home TV Spot Reveals the Origins of Spidey's New Suit

Annlyel shares her top five scenes from Spider-Man’s farewell appearance in the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Spider-Man: Far from Home just dropped on Digital in the US and so I quickly jumped on the opportunity to watch the film for the first time. It was actually WAY better than I expected and kept on legitimately surprising me even when I thought I knew what was going to happen in the movie.

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By the end, I realized that losing Spider-Man to Sony is one of the greatest tragedies to ever happen in cinema. (Why would you ruin something so perfect, Sony?) But enough of that depressing hyperbole. Here are my five favorite scenes from Spider-Man: Far from Home.

MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD! For those of you who, like me, have not seen this movie be warned because I am delving into some serious spoiler territory. Thanks for heeding my warning. 😊

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1. Learning About The Blip

The events of Avengers: Endgame left quite a conundrum for the world’s inhabitants, as five years had passed before The Avengers was able to figure out how to bring all of the dusted people back. So when those dusted individuals returned to their everyday lives they were five years behind everyone else. Can you imagine what that could be like for the average human being?

Spider-Man: Far from Home gave us a hilarious view of that reality by showing us dusted football players who returned unexpectedly and ruined the game. Or learning that Brad Davis, an eleven-year-old kid for The Blip, has grown up to be this charming, attractive high schooler that’s running after MJ, causing drama for Peter Parker the entire school trip. Hilarious!

My Five Favorite Scenes from 'Spider-Man: Far from Home'

2. Mysterio’s Grand Entrance

Before Mysterio turns into the biggest jerk on the planet Quentin Beck enters Far from Home in mystifying style as he fights a giant water monster and defeats it with Peter Parker’s help. It’s one of the best superhero (or actually, supervillain) entrances of all time and left me grinning with unadulterated joy.

My Five Favorite Scenes from 'Spider-Man: Far from Home'

3. That Shocking Twist

I already knew that Mysterio was a villain. After doing research about the character before the film came out I learned that he was one of Spider-Man‘s greatest nemesis. But, the way the story was being written around Mysterio. He was so…good, and cool, and likable that I was beginning to think Far from Home was changing the narrative like the writers changed the narrative for Captain Marvel by making the Skrulls, who are known to be a villainous race in the comics, good.

Well, they didn’t, and Beck is revealed to be the ultimate trickster midway through the film in such a stunning fashion that even was shocked. But the way they nailed the shocking plot twist by revealing that this character had been secretly around since Captain America: Civil War was absolute PERFECTION. It was hands down one of the greatest twists in the MCU and a true testament to the film’s writers, Chris McKenna, and Erik Sommers.

My Five Favorite Scenes from 'Spider-Man: Far from Home'

4. The Peter-Tingle

We all know Spider-Man is going to eventually prevail against Mysterio. It’s just a matter of how. Quentin Beck turned out to be quite a formidable antagonist as he took control of Tony Stark’s drones, wreaked havoc on London (specifically London Bridge), and continuously kicked Spider-Man’s butt. But, as all heroes do, Spider-Man took a deep breath, focused on his Peter-Tingle (which honestly was very similar to the moment in A New Hope when Luke Skywalker takes Obi-Wan’s advice to feel and not think too hard when he’s facing the remote in the Millennium Falcon and actually manages to block the remote’s lasers) and, with his eyes closed, took down those drones like the hero we always knew he was.

That part was so exhilarating that I couldn’t help clapping. Especially when he wasn’t foiled by Mysterio’s trick as Beck tried to shoot him in the head while using his illusion to deceive Peter Parker. It was a definite cheer-worthy scene.

My Five Favorite Scenes from 'Spider-Man: Far from Home'

5. Spider-Man and MJ Swinging Through New York

Peter Parker and MJ’s relationship starting way back in Spider-Man: Homecoming has been interesting, to say the least. As all Spider-Man movies go, Peter Parker always eventually gets the girl but I found this version of that traditional romance factor in this character’s story the most rewarding (and heartwarming.)

With the movie’s last scene featuring Spider-Man and MJ swinging through New York I couldn’t contain the smile on my face. It was SO cute! It reminds us that these characters are just teenagers and that is the kind of activity teenagers would concoct for a date, well if one happened to be Spider-Man. It was the perfect way to end the film and just another testament to why I have fallen in love with this version of Spider-Man.

My Five Favorite Scenes from 'Spider-Man: Far from Home'

This hero’s place in the MCU was too great to lose and yeah, maybe Marvel Studios bit off more than they could chew by placing the character in so many movies (despite knowing that they could potentially lose him back to Sony) that now we, the fandom, have grown entirely invested in this hero and can’t imagine an MCU without him.

I still feel that taking away a storyline so perfect after years of failing Spider-Man movies in Sony’s hands is just…wrong. While Sony has addressed that “the door is closed” on further negotiations, I still hope, somewhere down the road, Disney finds a way to reclaim everyone’s favorite web-slinging hero in case of another galaxy-ending event that requires The Avengers to have to save the day.

*fingers crossed*


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