December 5, 2022
First Look | Black Manta (Aquaman) Mafex Medicom Toys

Black Manta is heading to the Medicom Toy Mafex collection in June

After a short delay, the motion picture incarnation of Jason Momoa’s Aquaman has finally reached the shelves. The figure carefully recreated from the characters solo outing has received rave reviews from collector’s everywhere and has even won the heart of our own intrepid reviewer Thomas Storai. And just when the dust had started to settle, Medicom has unveiled our first look at the incredible looking action figure incarnation of Aquaman’s arch-nemesis; Black Manta who is expected to hit the shelves sometime in June 2020.

Mafex Review | Aquaman

Prototypes of the figure have been spotted at various Toy Fair’s around the far-east alongside Amber Heard’s vivacious Princess Mera, but until now they have only been sample editions, lacking the all-important paint applications and detail. But all that is about to change…

Images have emerged revealing the fully painted version in all its glory. Check them out below:

The MAFEX Black Manta Figure will stand at 6.3″ tall. It includes multiple interchangeable hands, jet pack blast effects, a sword, a knife, a removable gauntlet blade, and a spear attachment for the other gauntlet.

Black Manta is set to be priced at 7,800 Yen. The figure is expected to be released on June 2020 with pre-orders expected hit import vendors in the coming days, so get your order in early. If Aquaman is anything to go by, Black Manta is going to be a very hot item!


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