December 10, 2022
Mafex Review | Aquaman

Thomas takes a deep-dive to Atlantis to review the awesome new Aquaman figure from Medicom Toys

MAFEX has finally released the movie version of Aquaman after a short delay! This figure comes with a basic stand, two interchangeable hands, a trident and 8 interchangeable hands.

Mafex Review | Aquaman

After a disappointing Iron Spider figure, MAFEX is coming back with a great one! First off, the head sculpts, they are pretty good! It’s a brand new sculpt. The Justice League version sculps are better but the Aquaman skin tone is better. So hopefully, if there’s a third Aquaman figure, this will be the best one. As for the angry expression, it feels weird, they could have chosen something better.

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Mafex Medicom Toys Aquaman Review 11

The suit is perfect, it’s screen accurate and they totally nailed the scales thing! The colors are brilliant! No problem of paint apps at all here!

For the trident, you have to remove the bottom part to put it in the hand. This figure has 28 points of articulation.

Mafex Medicom Toys Aquaman Review 15


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Final Thoughts:

Overall, Aquaman is a great figure, MAFEX is back!


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