New Joker Posters Unveiled by Fandango and Dolby Cinemas

Two new posters hit the wires as tickets go on sale around the world

With excitement for Todd Phillips’ upcoming Joker movie reaching a crescendo, fans around the world are descending upon their local cinemas to pre-book their tickets for Joaquin Phoenix’s take on Gotham’s clown prince of crime.

The highly anticipated movie lands in cinemas on October 4th and DC fans are clamouring to immerse themselves in a performance rumoured to be worthy of Academy recognition. With the ticket kiosks now open and bookings being taken in droves, Fandango and Dolby Cinemas have unveiled two stunning new posters to commemorate the event. Both posters feature the titular character in various poses.

First up is Fandango:

New Joker Posters Unveiled by Fandango and Dolby Cinemas

And finally, Dolby Cinemas.

New Joker Posters Unveiled by Fandango and Dolby Cinemas

After receiving rave reviews at the Toronto film festival and already bagging a prestigious award, Joker appears to have everything going for it. Consumer interest is high. As are expectations, but with an overwhelmingly positive buzz, Joker seems to be a shoo-in for massive success.

Find out for yourself when the movie opens on October 4th. Check back for our review in the coming weeks.


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