December 10, 2022
The Mandalorian | First Look Inside the Cockpit of the Razor Crest

IGN offers us our first look inside the cockpit of The Mandalorian’s repurposed Republic Gunship

With Force Friday fast approaching and the launch of The Mandalorian heading to Disney+ on November 12th, new information is finally emerging about Jon Favreau’s landmark live-action Star Wars series. The show will be the first of its kind. The first EVER live-action Star Wars television series – a concept first planned by George Lucas way back when. But as we near its premiere on Disney’s new streaming service, outlets like Entertainment Weekly and IGN have been granted exclusive access to the show and have revealed a few juicy images for us to revel in.

Case in point, over the weekend IGN unleashed a wonderful new image which features our first look inside The Mandalorian‘s repurposed Republic Gunship aptly named; the Razor Crest. The vehicle is a relic of a bygone era, a modified Low Altitude Assault Transport troop carrier which once carried Clone Troopers across the galaxy during the days of The Clone Wars. Check it out:

The Mandalorian | First Look Inside the Cockpit of the Razor Crest

The craft has been heavily modified and reconfigured with a wider cockpit for full-on Mandalorian awesomeness. The dual control sticks hint at the second console serving as a co-pilot position, but of course, that is all still conjecture. The only person privy to all the answers is series creator Jon Favreau. Back at the Star Wars Celebration reveal,  the visionary filmmaker revealed some juicy behind the scenes images of him filming the Razor Crest in action and fans were immediately blown away but the surprising use of practical effects over CGI. Yes, the Razor Crest is a real vehicle and she has been filmed for the show using the same techniques used back in the original trilogy. However, with the same “game engine” CGI technology used on both The Jungle Book and The Lion King being applied to polish every scene, the fans are set for a wonderfully immersive visual treat from our beloved galaxy far, far away.

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The Mandalorian | First Look Inside the Cockpit of the Razor Crest

Ensuring our delight is Lucasfilm legend Dave Filoni. The visionary storyteller behind The Clone Wars, Rebels and Resistance has directed two episodes from the first season, the first being the pilot episode set to premiere on November 12th.

Filoni said: “I really appreciate that he brought me into this process and that he values my point of view because I’ve been with Star Wars so long, but I really wanted to accomplish the story that he set out to make. It was wonderful. I was very flattered that he was willing even to have me direct the pilot. So that was a great honour and responsibility.”

The series itself represents the first time that Filoni has directed from a script that he hasn’t written. The series has been penned completely by Favreau who is already busy writing a treatment for season two.

Exciting times in the galaxy far, far away…

Fans in the USA can pre-order their Disney+ subscription NOW whilst UK residents will be forced to endure the arduous wait until February when the service finally reaches our shores.


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