December 11, 2023
The Mandalorian Trailer | Our Verdict

Our team of Force Users delivers our verdict on the trailer for Jon Favreau’s landmark live-action Star Wars series

It is a wonderful time to be a Star Wars fan.

With Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker set to culminate the saga this December, and Star Wars: The Clone Wars set to return in 2020, we are being treated to an abundance of Star Wars awesomeness. If that isn’t enough to send us into delirium, the new Disney+ streaming service has promised to deliver some of the finest, original Star Wars content ever attempted. Not only are we being treated to a brand new series based on captain Cassian Andor and his trusty sidekick K-2SO, but we recently had confirmation of Ewan McGregor’s stunning return as Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi for an all-new adventure on Disney+.

It's Official | Obi-Wan Kenobi Series Announced for Disney+

However, before we embark on an adventure with the Rebellion, or head back to Obi-Wan’s homestead on Tatooine, there is the small matter of Jon Favreau’s contribution to the Star Wars legacy; The Mandalorian. The first-ever live-action Star Wars series follows the travails of a lone gunfighter in the outer reaches of the galaxy far from the authority of the New Republic and is heading to Disney+ this November.

Fans lucky enough to make the pilgrimage to Star Wars Celebration this year had the privilege of getting a sneak peek at the first trailer for the series while the rest of us were forced to endure an agonizing wait which thankfully came to end this past weekend at Disney’s sensational D23 Expo. If you haven’t had the privilege of catching the trailer, check it out below:

The trailer was praised for its incredible imagery, breathtaking action and gritty take on the galaxy far, far away. But what did our team of Force Users think? Did the trailer knock our socks off, or were we underwhelmed by the tales of the lone bounty hunter?  Join us as we share our reactions to this phenomenal trailer:

“I’m Impressed” | By Thomas Storai

We finally got our first footage of The Mandalorian released online and I got to say I’m impressed. Visually, it looks just as good as the movies and the cinematography (done by Greig Fraser, the same director of photography as Rogue One) are simply gorgeous! It’s going to be dark and gritty. That trailer is so mysterious but it gives you just enough to get excited about this show!

Star Wars | The Five Best Moments From 'The Mandalorian' Trailer

“Cooler Than Boba and Jango Fett Combined” | By Annlyel James

I remember when I went to see Rogue One for the first time. I didn’t know what to expect so I just hoped I would see a good Star Wars movie. I walked from that movie theater in such shock I couldn’t even cry. Rogue One was the greatest Star Wars movie I had (and still have) ever seen as Disney allowed the writers and director to create a gritty, no-nonsense story that was not only one of the greatest war films I had ever seen but ended up killing all of its main characters in individually beautiful sacrifices that touched my heart and plucked at my tear ducts.

Jump forward three years and we have The Mandalorian; a similarly gritty Star Wars experience that is about to blow our minds. The adventures of a bounty hunter are surely fraught with drama, plenty of action (which was shown in abundance in the trailer), and loads of betrayal, and I personally cannot wait to embark on this brand new galactic adventure. (And I’m going to say it. The Mandalorian is cooler than Boba and Jango Fett combined!)

The Mandalorian Trailer | Our Verdict

“A Force To Be Reckoned With” | By Ami Tricker

The dominating presence of the unknown bounty-hunter in The Mandalorian trailer and watching the Deathtroopers lined up side by side is incredibly daunting and actually quite frightening. Definitely, a force not to be reckoned with!

The Mandalorian Trailer | Our Verdict

“I MUST See This Show!” | By Carl Roberts

The Mandalorian is the show we are all waiting to see. And if the trailer is anything to go by, then we are about to be rewarded for our patience. Everything about the trailer screams out a western in space kind of show but set in the Star Wars universe. How cool is that? I watched and rewatched the trailer over and over and I still can’t get used to seeing what appears to be one of the greatest shows ever to grace our screens. The look, feel and vibe of it appeals on so many levels and the main character looks a complete badass! Adding in what appears to be IG-88 into the mix and this old fanboy was cheering like a kid again. All I can say to Disney Plus is hurry up and launch in the U.K, please! I MUST see this show!

The Mandalorian Trailer | Our Verdict

“It Has The Potential To Be Groundbreaking” | By Liam Bailey

I have a strong feeling this will be one of my favorite Star Wars projects just off that trailer alone. It resembles Rogue One with regards to it being very dark and gritty, and I love seeing that side of the Star Wars universe. I’m really intrigued by all the new characters we’re being introduced to in this show, with a particular interest in Greef Carga, the character portrayed by Carl Weathers, and I am thrilled to see so many different aliens/creatures making appearances throughout. This show is already making history as it’s the first live-action Star Wars series, but with such a strong cast and the amazing team behind the camera, this show has the potential to be groundbreaking!

The Mandalorian Trailer | Our Verdict

“This is Going To Be Amazing” | By The Mini-Mandalorian

I think The Mandalorian trailer is amazing because it doesn’t give too much away about the series but it shows many of Boba Fett’s iconic traits. Freezing people in carbonite! Classic Boba Fett. And then you add in the idea of cutting people in half using a retractable door and the use of Boba Fett’s classic plasma rifle! Awesome!

Also, The Mandalorian is flying a refurbished republic gunship from The Clone Wars which is just amazing.

So, in my opinion, the series is going to be great. In fact, I’m looking forward to The Mandalorian more than The Rise of Skywalker. I have no idea what the series has in store but all I know is that it is going to be amazing.

The Mandalorian | New Poster Arrives Ahead of D23

“We Can Expect Good Things” | By Darcie Gray

Oh my, where do I even start with The Mandalorian? Fist of all I should admit that I knew very little about this show until D23, I’d heard that it was happening but I wasn’t excited enough to look into it any further. Then I saw the trailer and my whole outlook on the show changed. The Mandalorian looks incredible, every frame of the trailer is full of detail, the premise sounds fantastic and it’s created by Jon Favreau and we all know he is capable of creating amazing, visuals and stories. Furthermore, the show is set in so-called uncharted territory, between Return of the Jedi and The Force Awakens, the show should give us some insight into what the galaxy was like after the fall of the Empire and before the rise of the Frist Order, this is something I am certainly looking forward to.

The show is set for release in November which is pretty risky considering Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker releases in December, Disney must feel that both additions to the Star Wars timeline will be successes, it certainly would be sad if The Mandalorian turned out to be more popular than The Rise of Skywalker. I cannot wait to see what The Mandalorian offers up, by the looks of things we can expect good things.

The Mandalorian Trailer | Our Verdict

“I’m More Excited About The Mandalorian Than The Rise of Skywalker” | By Katelyn Mathis

There is a possibility that I am more excited about The Mandalorian than The Rise of Skywalker. We are finally going to get to see a part of the universe we have never seen before. The story looks intense and personal with some amazing casting. As long as we have some good stories and writing, it should be one of the best things Disney has done in the universe yet. Following a bounty hunter’s story is inspired and I can’t wait to see what they’ve come up with.

The Mandalorian Trailer | Our Verdict

“Pure Awesomeness” | By Phil Roberts

Having seen the Star Wars Celebration teaser trailer for The Mandalorian, I was already super excited, but the new trailer has just tipped me over the edge. As a Boba Fett mega-fan, I could not be more excited for this show, and who better than Jon Favreau to deliver what looks to be a visual treat of pure awesomeness? As a youngster, I yearned for more adventures with Boba Fett, and despite him making an appearance in both Attack of the Clones and The Clone Wars, my craving remained unsatisfied. Until now.

The new series is just oozing with Mandalorian iconography. From the use of Carbonite to imprison his bounties to the projectile tension cable shooting out from his wrist gauntlets, this is pure, unbridled Boba Fett nostalgia dialed to eleven and I absolutely love it. Jon Favreau has demonstrated with an unswerving ability that he has the chops to expand upon a beloved legacy whilst injecting it with a fresh, contemporary boost of energy and he appears to be continuing that trend with The Mandalorian. The usage of traditional visual effects combined with the same “game engine” technology previously used on both The Jungle Book and The Lion King makes for tantalizing viewing and promises to deliver a visual treat, the likes of which we have never seen before.

Star Wars | The Five Best Moments From 'The Mandalorian' Trailer

Who would have thought that a television/streaming series would reinvigorate the child in all of us and become more anticipated than most movies? Certainly not me, but when it comes to The Mandalorian, under the guidance of Jon Favreau anything is possible and I am totally on board for the ride of a lifetime!

Bring it on!

The Mandalorian Trailer | Our Verdict

Have Your Say:

The trailer for The Mandalorian has certainly stimulated some much-needed positivity from the Star Wars community and our team is no different. You won’t find a skeptical voice in this bunch. In fact, we are all beside ourselves with excitement for Jon Favreau’s landmark series, and for us, the Disney+ launch date cannot come around quickly enough. The expansion of the Star Wars universe looks to be in safe hands and with The Mandalorian leading the charge we are more than ready to climb aboard for the ride!

The Mandalorian | New Poster Arrives Ahead of D23

What did you think of the new trailer? Drop us a line and share your thoughts with us.


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