December 7, 2023
Going into CW's "Flash" and "Arrow" Completely Blind

Megan explores avoiding spoilers for The CW’s flagship series

While everyone else seems to be practically obsessed with knowing the next plot point/spoiler for CW’s Flash and Arrow amongst the channel’s other hit shows, I’m amazingly going in completely blind. While I know the general idea behind the season for both shows, leading up to, dealing with and the aftermath of the “Crisis on Infinite Earths” storyline, I can honestly say that I don’t know any more than that. Anytime I see a promo for either show’s newest episode, I close my eyes and mute it as fast as I can, specifically not looking at the screen for a good 30-45 seconds aka roughly the length of time for the promo to end. As a matter of fact, just as I finished typing that sentence, a promo for what I think was the final season premiere of Arrow (I couldn’t tell for sure as I did the above too fast), but I think I saw a flash of green before I did so.

CW Confirms Premiere Dates for Batwoman and the Arrowverse

My point being, it is something I plan on doing not just with these shows, but with as many as possible going forward. In this way, I experience each episode as one would a blindfolded rollercoaster, never knowing what’s coming next. Being as that is what I am doing right now as I’m working on this, I have to say that it’s amazingly fun. Don’t get me wrong, it’s also hard and takes a massive amount of will power to mute the TV and not look when a promo comes on either during a commercial during the show or at the end when it shows a preview of the next episode, but in order to keep to my plan, I know it’s what I have to do, as I know it will be worth it each week when I see each new episode.

Arrowverse | Going into CW's "Flash" and "Arrow" Completely Blind

By now, you’re likely wondering what my secret to this is. Well, I’ll let you in on it. My secret is two simple words: keeping busy. Between working on pieces for this, my own blog, behind-the-scenes stuff for my blog that I don’t wish to share at this point, looking for (blogging) jobs, working the part-time one I have now, working out, and taking care of life’s other daily tasks on top of anything else that might pop up last minute (fighting the distraction of getting sucked into fanfiction anyone), who has the time to watch promos?

Going into CW's "Flash" and "Arrow" Completely Blind

Even if I see them as I’m doing research on YouTube while taking a lunch break or searching for a specific clip for another post, I fight the urge to the best of my ability and continue on with what I know needs to be done. It’s something that gives me a great sense of pride every time I make it each week. I can say this because it’s something I kind of began doing as often as I could towards the end of the previous season for both Arrow and Flash series. It was more spotty then as I wasn’t as busy. Being as I am now, that certainly makes it easier. As long as you’re not in a position where you have you have to talk about the promos each week, I dare you to do the same not just for these shows, but also others and let us here at Future of the Force know. It would be interesting to discover if I’m the only one that does this intentionally or not.


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