December 4, 2023

Thomas explores the Outer Rim and finds himself face to face with Hasbro’s all-new The Mandalorian figure

The second part of Triple Force Friday figures have now hit European stores and among them is The Mandalorian from the title series that will start on November 12th on Disney+ in the US and the Netherlands. The series will launch early 2020 for France and the UK.


This figure comes with a blaster pistol and blaster rifle. Both weapons are detailed and the rifle has been painted with the right colors, it can also be attached to the back of the figure. And the pistol fits in the holster without any trouble.

I’m going to say it right now, the figure doesn’t come with a removable helmet, if you wanted to know and I doubt we’ll see Pedro Pascal’s face much in the series either, the character seems very secretive. However, to make sure it felt like there was a person in this helmet, the helmet is sculpted on a black face so it doesn’t look too small nor too big. The helmet is using dark metallic paint. If Hasbro is able to do it on this one, they should be able to do that with droid figures, at least that’s my hope for future releases! They also applied some aesthetically pleasing weathering on it.


This figure is a battle-damaged one, there are several marks of impacts on the armor. It’s not a shiny trooper armor and I’m thankful for that. He’s a bounty hunter, he’s a fighter and the figure does him justice! I love this attention to detail! This figure has 22 points of articulation including additional gauntlet articulation. It’s not a very common articulation on Hasbro figure but I think it’s useful on this one. The additional elbow articulation would have been needed there too.


The outfit and the colors are screen accurate to his armor of the first episode. I say this because as you’ve seen in the trailer and promotional pictures, the character changes parts of his armor throughout the season so you can probably expect more variant figures of The Mandalorian in the upcoming year.


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Final Thoughts:

This figure is incredible. The Mandalorian has also been released in a Carbonized paint version, in the UK it is a Star Action Figures exclusive and in France a Micromania exclusive.


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