December 6, 2023

Amber Herd’s Princess Mera is heading to the Medicom Toy Mafex collection in July 2020

Capitalizing on Aquaman‘s box office success last year, Medicom Toys is expanding its Mafex range of characters from the movie with Mera! To date, It’s the only DCEU solo movie that boasts more than one action figure. Black Manta will also be released, he has been announced for June 2020. Princess Mera has been confirmed for release in July 2020.


Prototypes of the figure have been spotted at various Toy Fair’s around the far-east alongside Black Manta, but until now they have only been sample editions, lacking the all-important paint applications and detail. But all that is about to change…

Images have emerged revealing the fully painted version in all its glory. Check them out below:


This figure comes with two highly detailed head sculpts, interchangeable hands along with many accessories including water and wine effects!

Mera is set to be priced at 7,800 Yen. Its release date is confirmed as July 2020 and pre-orders are being taken NOW. Meanwhile, you can read my review of the already released Aquaman figure!


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