Arrowverse legend Greg Berlanti will develop an all-new out of this world incarnation of Green Lantern for HBO Max

Following the divisive reaction to Warner Bros’ big-screen adaptation of Green Lantern, the DC superhero has languished in developmental hell. His highly anticipated return in Justice League was curtailed by Joss Whedon’s extensive reshoots and his long-gestating big-screen reboot has failed to emerge from the pages of DC Comics where he seemed destined to remain in the unflinching grip of Parallax forever.

But all that is about to change.

Greg Berlanti to Bring Green Lantern Back to the Small Screen in a Big Way!

Greg Berlanti, famous for bringing Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl, Legends of TomorrowBatwoman and more to the screen has been commissioned to expand his legacy by helming two new series for Warner Media’s upcoming streaming service HBO Max. Berlanti will executive produce Strange Adventures, a series of cautionary tales featuring a catalogue of DC’s superheroes and a tentpole series following the adventures of the Green Lantern. The latter will be an expansive adventure series set in the depths of space and Berlanti, is eager to stress that this will be the biggest series he’s ever attempted.

“Both of these original DC properties we’ll be creating for HBO Max will be unlike anything seen on television,” Berlanti said. “An anthology series of cautionary tales set in a world where superpowers exist, and, in what promises to be our biggest DC show ever made, we will be going to space with a Green Lantern television series, but I can’t reveal any more about that just yet.”

Greg Berlanti to Bring Green Lantern Back to the Small Screen in a Big Way!

Both projects are expected to be commissioned long term, with Strange Adventures set to include characters from across the DC Universe, but details on the Green Lantern series are being kept under wraps … those pesky NDA’s and all! Hopefully, Berlanti will avoid the same fate as Simon Kinberg who recently rehashed the tedious X-Men: The Last Stand and channelled its worst flaws into this years laborious X-Men: Dark Phoenix. Berlanti famously co-wrote the derided Green Lantern movie which featured Ryan Reynolds as Hal Jordan/Green Lantern and he will undoubtedly be eager to remove that blot from his filmography.

We live in hope!

HBO Max is set to launch in May 2020.


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Source: Variety 

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