October 6, 2022
Marvel Legends Review | Captain America (Avengers Endgame)

Thomas joins the Endgame to review the all-new Captain America action figure from Hasbro’s Marvel Legends line

The third wave of Marvel Legends from Avengers Endgame has finally been released in Europe! The wave includes 6 figures and the Build-A-Figure is Thor!


Hasbro has released yet another Captain America figure, this one is in his outfit from New York 2012. If you recall the fight between the two Caps, one has his mask on, the other hasn’t, it was done so that audiences wouldn’t be confused who was who. However, this figure only comes with a masked head and a shield. That’s a missed opportunity here, it would have been very easy to include a Steve Rogers head sculpt, Hasbro already had two ready.


This figure has a screen accurate outfit and has rather good paint apps except for the star at the back, it’s sloppy. I love the shades of color used there, it feels flashy and cheesy like the suit he has in the movie.

This figure has 22 points of articulation. It doesn’t have wrists articulation but instead gauntlet articulation. Because of the boots, it’s very difficult to make this figure stand on its own.


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Final Thoughts:

Overall, this new incarnation of Captain America is a good figure.


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