Marvel Legends Review | Vision (Captain America Civil War)

Thomas comes between Iron Man and Captain America to review the repackaged Vision from Hasbro’s Civil War range

The third wave of Marvel Legends from Avengers Endgame has finally been released in Europe! The wave includes 6 figures and the Build-A-Figure is Thor!

Marvel Legends Review | Vision (Captain America Civil War)

This figure is the second of the wave not to be part of Endgame. It’s straight repacking of Vision from Avengers Infinity War Target 2-pack but Hasbro has labelled him from Captain America Civil War this time. This figure has 0 accessories, considering the hand positions from this one, additional interchangeable hands would have been nice.

Marvel Legends Review | Vision (Captain America Civil War)

This figure is incredible! They have given it a translucid kind of appearance with a magnificent cape! The cape is not rigid, they’ve given it a movement effect, I love it! It’s a great work and it has beautiful paint apps!

This figure has 23 points of articulation.

The head sculpt is good as well, it feels like Vision!


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Final Thoughts:

For fans who didn’t get Vision the first time, it’s the right opportunity, great figure!


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