Snoke's Role Needs To Be Explained in 'The Rise of Skywalker'

Was Supreme Leader Snoke nothing more than a pawn in Emperor Palpatine’s game?

After revisiting the novelization for The Last Jedi one thing’s very clear; Supreme Leader Snoke was important. He wanted to destroy Skywalker, using Ben’s feelings of abandonment to corral him to his side. He “supposedly” bridged Rey and Ben’s minds to lure her into a trap. He was the leader of the First Order, of course, and that meant he probably would’ve eventually come face to face with Palpatine. The question is, who is this guy?

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Even in the book, his backstory is very murky but it seems that he’s a very important figure in the Star Wars franchise. With him dying in The Last Jedi, all the answers we could’ve gotten about him were erased, replaced by Palpatine who has turned out to be the ultimate big bad of the trilogy, but still, the question remains: Who is Snoke?

Was Snoke just a tool to further Rey and Ben’s story? Or was he the first character to appear in multiple Star Wars entries that pretty much makes no sense to the overall story? Who is this guy in the golden robe?!

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As you can see, the topic of this character can be very maddening and I’m hoping the mystery surrounding his character is resolved in The Rise of Skywalker.


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