The UK will be forced to endure a four-month wait for Disney’s all-new streaming service

After what has been a period of uncertainty, the UK has finally been given a date for when we can expect to see the debut of Disney’s all-new streaming service, and the news isn’t good. Disney+ is set to be made available to the public in the United States from November 12th, and while fans there can look forward to enjoying the premiere of The Mandalorian, the UK will be forced to endure an agonising wait of up to four months before we get to join in the fun.

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Disney has confirmed that the UK, like France, Germany and Spain will have to wait until March 31st 2020 to get their first look at what is set to be the definitive entertainment streaming service. Unfortunately, this means the majority of Europe will be unable to enjoy the debut of the entire first season of The Mandalorian, and the final season of Star Wars: The Clone Wars. The announcement was made via the official Disney+ twitter account. Check out the official reveal here:

Despite this agonising delay, a four-month turnaround is far more palatable than the original projections which were anything from three months up to a year. At least we can finally add a date to our calendars and start counting down the days until we get caught up with our friends across the pond.

Disney+ launches in the UK on March 31st, 2020.


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