December 7, 2022
The Mandalorian: Chapter 3 'The Sin'

The Mandalorian Chapter 3 was just so packed full of action, I don’t know how they can top it for the next episode.

The Mandalorian Chapter 3 The Sin is what seems to be the end of a three-episode story arc. Mando has recovered the Yoda species’ child and plans to deliver him to the mysterious Client, who wants the child for unknown reasons.

The Mandalorian Chapter 3


The Client has an annoying tilt to his voice. And I have been told he is a famous actor by the name of Werner Herzog. Sounds German. The Mandalorian is trying hard not to get attached to this adorable baby alien, and you can sense the conflict in him brewing as he plans to hand him over. I think we all know what is coming. I really love the music of this series. And even though it’s not the legendary John Williams, Ludwig Göransson is not to be underestimated.

The Mandalorian Chapter 3


Delivering the child to this creepy Imperial is bad enough. But it also appears that he is the subject of an ongoing science experiment. Also, look closely at the human scientist’s clothing. He adorns the mark we see on the Kaminoan cloners. Is he trying to make an army of clone Baby Yodas?!

The Mandalorian Chapter 3 Dr. Pershing

Mando hands him over, but as I said, he feels like he is doing something immoral. And after a tender realization of the Child’s absence on his ship, Mando knows what he needs to do. He goes back to the compound and destroys anyone who gets in his way to rescue this strange alien baby. I was very happy that the scientist (who pleaded for his life) also has some morality in him as well. He tells the Mandalorian, that if it wasn’t for him, the Client would have insisted they kill him and I guess experiment on his corpse? Yuck.

The Mandalorian Chapter 3


I love how Mando barbequed a Stormtrooper when breaking in. And the new weapon he recently acquired was equally awesome and saved his neck. Now, Mando has big trouble brewing from the Bounty Hunter’s Guild as the hunter will soon become the hunted. Also, what happened to the Mandalorians. Their presence on Nevarro is likened to that of hiding out in a cave. There are not many left, and fans are wondering if the Empire razed Mandalore, as the metallurgist refers to a purge. The Jedi Purge, or a new Purge. Probably a new one.

The Mandalorian Chapter 3

This episode was just so packed full of action, I don’t know how they can top it for the next episode. Yet, I have no doubt that Jon Favreau will rise to the challenge. I also know that someone is probably getting a new jetpack for Life Day……

The Mandalorian Chapter 3 - Mandalorians

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