December 10, 2022
The Mandalorian Chapter 3

Annylel shares her thoughts on The Mandalorian’s first three episodes. Could Jon Favreau’s landmark Star Wars series outshine The Rise of Skywalker?

Spoilers? I don’t have to give a spoiler. Just look at the title. It says it all.

Three episodes in, nearly two hours of content (the size of a Star Wars movie), and I am practically bouncing off of the walls with excitement. The Mandalorian is more than just a fancy Star Wars live-action show with tame themes and delightful action scenes. The Mandalorian is gritty, suspenseful, and filled with danger at every corner.

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The Mandalorians are a fascinating culture of war-stricken individuals that have permeated the Star Wars universe. From Boba’s introduction in The Empire Strikes Back, Jango Fett’s inclusion in Attack of the Clones, and the Mandalorians’ major presence in The Clone Wars and Star Wars: Rebels, The Mandalorians are always around to be what they are; very cool.

The Mandalorian has taken the concept of this culture to a live-action setting and it has been nothing short of exhilarating. I. Mean. Exhilarating! Our primary protagonist, The Mandalorian a.k.a “Mando”, has delivered upon a thrilling story so far and has become one of my favorite heroes of all time.

The first episode simply introduced us to this character, his personality, his motives, and his bounty hunter ways. The second episode provided a heart behind the mask, showing us that he wasn’t this blunt, cold individual who looked cool, sounded cool, and knew how to handle a throng of enemies. The third episode, however, showed how dangerous and deadly The Mandalorian can be, as well as highlighting where his priorities are. Now, we begin to truly understand and care for his character as he starts to evolve in front of our very eyes over a rather delightful new character that has absolutely obliterated the Star Wars community with its cuteness.

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And if the first two episodes didn’t have enough action for you don’t fret. We get to see The Mandalorian at his finest in this third episode, kicking butt left and right in a truly suspenseful showdown that was so amazing to watch.

I keep saying this but The Mandalorian is a dream come true, in more ways than one. Jon Favreau and his team have outdone themselves on this show and honestly, my excitement for The Rise of Skywalker keeps growing slimmer and slimmer. Uh-oh, maybe Disney should’ve released The Mandalorian after The Rise of Skywalker because it just might outshine the Skywalker saga finale.

Star Wars The Rise Of Skywalker banner

Still, we have five episodes left and I feel this story has met a crossroads. It’s either going to get better or it’s going to turn into a normal Star Wars show, meaning it’ll still be good but it won’t be as fantastic as the first three episodes. We’ll have to see next week.

I have spoken.


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