The Mandalorian Chapter 4 Sanctuary Review

Katelyn sets off on a whirlwind trip around the outer rim with Cara Dune and The Mandalorian in Bryce Dallas Howard’s stellar fourth chapter

Well, The Mandalorian Chapter 4 was awesome. We got to see so much more from our main characters in this episode and meet some new ones. Finding himself on the run, our characters needed a quiet place to lay low. The planet Sorgan is that place.

The Mandalorian Chapter 4

After running across Cara Dune, a defector from the Empire to the rebellion, Mando takes a commission from some farmers who need help protecting their resources from Klatoonian raiders. Mando accepts only because they offer shelter in a remote part of the planet. As this is a large job, he invites Cara along.

The Mandalorian Chapter 4


“Baby Yoda” is an instant hit in the village and seems to connect with a villager’s daughter, Winta. Her mother, a widow named Omera, also seems to form a connection as well, but with Mando. During their earliest conversation Mando tells her that if it were removed in front of anyone, he wouldn’t be allowed to put it back on. This leads me to believe it is his identity to the rest of the world. If he removes it, he forfeits who he is for something different. He can never be that person again.

The Mandalorian Chapter 4

Cara and Mando know the raiders will return. After learning that they have an AT-ST Walker, they tell the villagers they must leave. They refuse. Instead, Mando and Cara agree to train them to fight the raiders. If this is sounding familiar, I will remind you of season 2 episode 17 of The Clone Wars named Bounty Hunters. Chapter 4 seemed to follow that episode closely, leading to a victory in the end.

The Mandalorian Chapter 4


Mando decides after the battle that his little green friend fits in well and should stay. While approaching Omera to discuss it, she nearly convinces him to stay and remove his helmet. She even reaches up and begins to remove it, but he lowers her hands. Meanwhile, a sniper is aiming at “Baby Yoda”. Remember, as soon as Mando removed the baby from its bounty, all of those locators turned back on. A loud crack breaks the scene as Mando spins around. Cara is behind the sniper as he falls dead, a shot to the back. Mando realizes that they’ll never stop and he has to leave with the baby.

The Mandalorian Chapter 4

He and Cara part ways and he says goodbye to the villagers. We even get to hear “baby Yoda” speak as he tells Winta he will miss her. We lastly see the duo heading down the road away from the village to find a new place to hide and defend.

The Mandalorian Chapter 4


This was by far my favorite episode. It has such an old-school Star Wars feel. We get to meet Cara, who I have no doubt we will see again. Mando is finally becoming as “real” as he can while wearing a helmet. Much like Darth Vader, you can almost “see” some of his emotion through the mask. I am so excited to see what is in store for our characters next!

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