October 6, 2022
Frozen 2 Review

Megan offers an alternate perspective on Disney’s stellar Frozen sequel

Venturing into the unknown, even for a strong queen like Elsa, calls for courage, passion, grit, imagination—and a little magic.

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Frozen 2 is an amazing movie for all, old and young. I saw it with a bunch of kids, and that only made the reveals so much more fun. Hearing their reactions and gasps as [redacted for spoilers] happened. How I wish time and money would allow me to see it again. Even on my own as a young woman it was fun. The messages in it, spectacular! It hit on so many good topics. Not just finding your own inner strength even when things seem their darkest, but also the strength and bonds of family.

Without spoiling the movie too much, there was one song in particular that really had me dropping my jaw in shock that they went there. That Disney would even touch on that topic. It’s nothing risqué (as come on this is still Disney we’re talking about), but it’s one I’m beyond happy and proud they touched on, especially in today’s…pressure-filled world, to put it one way.

Frozen 2 Review

As for Frozen III, I could see it happening. While everything major is wrapped up and we now know all about Elsa’s powers, I could also see one more story bringing the sisters together to defend their kingdom(s) from one last threat. The only catch is, it would have to be something massive in order to top this one and bring the trilogy to a close.

That said, anyone know how long until it hits Disney+? I know it just came out, but please. This was amazing. I want it now!

Spoiler Review

With the spoiler-free review over, time to get into the spoiler review. To start with, even with all the amazing visuals and storytelling is in this movie, there is one part I can’t get over, that is Kristoff’s music video. It’s cute and fine on its own, but in the middle of the movie when he should either be going to look for Anna or just giving a better reason why he can’t follow. Just because you’re unsure if someone is right for you, that is no reason to essentially leave them hanging. Save feelings like that until after the war is fought and most importantly, won. It really felt like that part could have been cut and viewers would not have missed anything. Its inclusion felt like it brought the entire movie to an abrupt halt for the length of the song.

Frozen 2 Review

On top of that, it just really felt like Kristoff was under and incorrectly used in this movie; as of the writers didn’t know what to do with him. In other words, it felt like he was shoehorned in just because he turned into Anna’s love interest in the previous movie. This isn’t to say that his parts weren’t cute, simply they overall they seemed unnecessary to the overall plot.

All of that said, it’s time to focus on the good parts of the movie and boy are there a lot. First, let’s start with the messages. In this movie, they are not just for kids. One of the most prominent throughout was definitely believing in your own inner strength even when there may not be anyone around to help you. It’s all about continuing on and doing that “…next right thing”. In the case of this movie, as in life, sometimes that next right thing can be having the courage to blindly step into the unknown. Oftentimes, the only way to defeat a problem or overcome an obstacle is to face it head-on regardless of what comes next. For kids especially, this is a powerful message to begin learning. Bravely stepping into the unknown, is a skill they will need later in life as more important choices are given to them ranging from taking their driving test to attending college, to living on their own, getting their first job post-college and so much more.

Frozen 2 Review

Being as life is so often unpredictable, there may be times where that step into the unknown is taken alone. This is where Anna’s song “The Next Right Thing” comes into its own. The stanza that begins the song, “I’ve seen this dark before/But not like this/This is cold/This is numb/This is empty/The life I knew is over/The lights are out/Hello darkness/I’m ready to succumb”  is immensely powerful. It’s hard to believe that it was Disney who approved those lyrics. While they fit perfectly with what Anna is going through at that moment, based on past movies, one would have thought that they would have found a way to soften the blow and not make it seem as dark. For the company to boldly take this “next right step”, it was stunning in the best way possible. The lyrics really speak to what challenges some children may be going through in their lives.

Like “Let it Go” in the previous film “The Next Right Thing” can also be an anthem kids can rally around when they’re feeling their darkest. It can give them the courage and strength they need to take things one breath, one step, one day at a time and best their best effort into overcoming their current situation. Things may seem dark at the moment, but once they are broken down, they can be overcome. Throughout the last few years specifically, Anna has had Elsa to rely on when things got tough. Believing her to be gone forever, Anna now only has herself to look to in order to pick herself up and continue on to “The next right thing”, whatever it may be.

While having even a one-person support structure is good, sadly life can happen and take them from you, be it temporary or permanent. This is when like Anna in this movie one needs to “Break it down to this next breath/This next step” and understand that “The next choice is the one I can make…” No matter how out of control life may seem in the moment, everything comes down to you and the choices you make. Even when life gives you what appears to be the worst hand possible, it’s up to you to make the next right choice and either be strong enough to carry on or go so deep into the unknown darkness that you become temporarily or permanently trapped in it.

FRozen 2 Review

Final Thoughts:

Overall, I would give the movie an 8/10. Amazing messages, but with one main part that could be changed. Considering the character that’s involved, I’m not sure how it would work, simply that, that part of the movie could definitely be improved. Especially with how the trailers and promos made this character look, it’s pretty safe to say that more was expected from them.

See this movie as many times as you can while in theaters and leave your thoughts on it down below.

Frozen 2 is distributed by Walt Disney Pictures and is playing in cinemas everywhere NOW!


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