Heavy Infantry Mandalorian The Mandalorian

Thomas trades his finest Beskar for the awesome new Heavy Infantry Mandalorian from Hasbro’s Black Series collection

As a surprise for the fans, after Chapter 3: The Sin of The Mandalorian was released, Hasbro immediately released a figure from that episode – the Heavy Infantry Mandalorian, otherwise known as Paz Vizla (if you watched the credits of the episode).

Heavy Infantry Mandalorian (The Mandalorian) 1

They probably didn’t put his name on the figure to avoid leaks, which is actually smart as that figure had leaked before the release! This figure is the second one in the Deluxe line, the first figure was General Grievous.

Heavy Infantry Mandalorian The Mandalorian 2

Is the Deluxe packaging and price (29$) justified for this one? It is definitely a LARGE figure but if the jetpack and rotary cannon had been put behind the figure on a normal packaging it would have probably fit. A normal release in a wave would have been fine. Characters like Zeb or Jaro Tapal would be better for the Deluxe line. 29$ is a bit much for this figure.

Also as a choice of character to release first, I think the Armorer would have been a better choice as she has a bigger role in the show. But nevertheless, getting Paz Vizla is really awesome, I really dig his armor!

Heavy Infantry Mandalorian (The Mandalorian) 3

As for the figure now, it’s a pretty impressive one, paint app is perfect with some little touches of battle damage on the armor. It’s screen accurate even how large the character is. There is a lot of detail!

This figure has 24 points of articulation and includes the extra shoulders articulation found on some of the recent Black Series figures. For a figure of a soldier, it is definitely needed especially with the weapon he has, to hold it. The weapon is also massive and nicely detailed, although one accessory that would have been nice to see – the vibro blade, that’s the one thing missing on this figure!

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Final Thoughts:

Although the price tag is not justified for this figure, it remains a pretty awesome figure that fans of The Mandalorian will want to own!


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