Star Wars Black Series Wedge Antilles Review

Join the Rebel Alliance with Thomas and check out the awesome new Wedge Antilles figure from Hasbro!

We finally have a Wedge Antilles figure in the Black Series line, it was about time, he’s only one of the most famous pilots in the Rebel Alliance To Restore the Republic! His release actually comes at the right time. The Resistance Reborn book was released recently and brought back the famous character, leaving the possibility of him returning in The Rise Of Skywalker.


The pilot outfit is a re-tool of Luke Skywalker pilot outfit. I use the word re-tool because he is actually smaller in scale than Luke’s figure. Mark Hamill is 1.75m and Denis Lawson is 1.73m so it’s a nice detail Hasbro got. Other than that, the outfit is exactly the same. They could do a lot more Rebel pilots with it, you just have to change the head and adjust the size of the body.


The head sculpt is really good, it looks like Wedge Antilles! Well done Hasbro!

The figure comes with the basic rebel blaster, it’s a repack and the helmet, they have given it a weathered look and they got the details correct! The figure has 20 points of articulation. My sole complaint is that the left hand is a little loose but that is all.


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Final Thoughts

It was about time we got a Wedge figure in the Black Series line and it’s definitely worth it!


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