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Hasbro unveils the new Black Series figure, a talking plush toy, a series of 2.2-inch collectable figures and a 6.5-inch figure

Since the debut of Star Wars‘ landmark live-action series on Disney Plus fans have been obsessed with the cutset little alien on the planet; Baby Yoda (or The Child – as nobody calls him).  Annoyingly, due to some shrewd secret-keeping by Jon Favreau and his team of secret ninjas, Hasbro was prevented from producing a new line of toys and plush characters ahead of The Mandalorian‘s release – meaning kids of all ages won’t be getting a Baby Yoda under the tree this Christmas.

Baby Yoda The Mandalorian

But don’t despair dear readers, fortunately, Hasbro has a plan.

The toy giant has unveiled its range of Baby Yoda merchandise which is set to hit the shelves in May 2020. The toy company confirmed in a new report on Thursday that the line will include a 1.12-inch Black Series figure, a talking plush toy, a series of 2.2-inch collectable figures and a 6.5-inch figure. Furthermore, Hasbro unveiled some awesome new promo pics which you can see below:

Baby Yoda Hasbro Toy 1 The MandalorianBaby Yoda Hasbro Toys 1 The MandalorianBaby Yoda Hasbro Toys 3 The Mandalorian

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Like the majority of the world, I absolutely adore Baby Yoda. Even though the plot of The Mandalorian is centred around a lone bounty hunter, this adorable little alien has won the hearts of a generation and has earned his place as one of the primary reasons to tune in every week. Let’s just hope the wait until May is an arduous one because I need a Baby Yoda in my life.



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