The Razor Crest - The Mandalorian Chapter 6

Annlyel shares her thoughts on The Mandalorian: Chapter 6

How would I describe the sixth (and longest) episode of The Mandalorian so far? It was a backstabbing, literal stabbing, gun-toting, Mandalorian-choking, droid-destroying, flame-throwing, spaceship-showing, cameo-knowing episode that still, despite all of the chaos and suspense, managed to tell a story.

Spoilers for the Series Ahead!

Titled The Prisoner, our title masked hero finds himself forced to work with a crew of crooked bounty hunters to help rescue an associate of theirs and in return, they’ll pay him some money. Simple plot, right? Well, nothing’s simple when you’re a bounty hunter with a price on your head after going against the Bounty Hunter Guild.

The Mandalorian and The Child - Chapter 6

The Mandalorian‘s actions in episode three, The Sin, to save Baby Yoda have culminated into a storyline that I wasn’t expecting a few weeks ago. While the series is called The Mandalorian it should be more accurately titled The Fugitive because honestly, The Mandalorian can’t get a break. Everywhere he goes someone knows what he has done and tries to kill him, leaving him bouncing around the galaxy and growing more paranoid with every stop. The newest episode only reiterates the drastic consequences of his decision.

Old Friends - The Mandalorian Chapter 6

What I enjoyed the most, however, about this episode, beyond the action sequences, was the incredible attention to evolving The Mandalorian‘s storyline even through the action. It gradually continued to emphasize the difference between The Mandalorian and the bounty hunters, showcasing his moral compass and why we cheer for him, despite his ruthless ways.

Mando and Xi'an - The Mandalorian Chapter 6

In the first episode of The Mandalorian, he was as cold as they come, and even though he is still someone you wouldn’t want to trifle with, he has a heart. It’s why he’s my favorite character in the franchise. Behind the cool facade is a human being who actually cares about people. It makes him relatable, it makes him someone I actually care about, and it makes him interesting. Where will this story take him? When will his moral compass have to be tested, if ever? And will he ever be able to rest and maybe one day return to Omera where he can settle down like Tom Cruise did at the end of The Last Samurai?

We’ll see but one thing’s for certain. The series is leading to a thrilling finale come December 27.

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