December 6, 2022
Star Wars: Resistance - Station to Station Review

Max sinks his teeth into the latest episode of Star Wars: Resistance – Station to Station

Star Wars Resistance was one of the things that made the Sequel Trilogy flow for me. I love the characters much more than Rey, Finn and Poe and even though Kaz can be a doof; I can’t but relate to him.​​​​​​​​​​​​​ Station to Station was probably the only episode so far in the season that was a little weak. The story had 2 plots, Tam and Rucklin and Kaz, Neeku and CB-23. Kaz and Neeku infiltrate the fueling station called the Titan, which is exactly the same model of station as the Colossus, only newer and more efficient. This leads me to a plot hole question: Why did the First Order need to capture the Colossus if there are other stations just like it?

Star Wars Resistance Station to Station Review

At this point, it’s mainly about destroying dissidents and Resistance cells, but what was Phasma’s motive at the beginning of the series? I guess it’s the ‘ole “If we can’t have it- no one can” thing.​​​ Kaz and Neeku are on the Titan dressed as technicians and it’s honestly a breath of fresh air to see a disguise other than a Stormtrooper. Writers have been doing that since 1977 for Force sake. The uniform matches Kylo Ren’s “Radar Technician” get-up from Saturday Night Live and it’s one-part hilarious, one part ridiculous. You be the judge.​​​​

Star Wars Resistance Station to Station Review

Anyway, Kaz and Neeku need to steal something called a Transbinary deflector that the Colossus needs to be replaced. A transbinary deflector protects space dwellers from cosmic radiation. Star Wars rarely mentions the science of the galaxy but now we know a solution to something that is one of the key problems here on Earth when considering real space travel. “Transbinary deflector” is techno-babble at its finest, but it works. As long as they have this device, the radiation problem goes out the airlock.​​​​​​​​​ General Hux appears in this episode (before his fate in The Rise of Skywalker presumably) and is correctly portrayed as a pompous and temperamental jerk. Seriously; why is this guy always yelling and frothing at the mouth?​​​​​​​​​ Tam and Rucklin also find themselves on this station, running an errand for their flight instructor. As per Star Wars, nobody on the same space station doesn’t run into each other; no matter how big it is.​​​​​​​​​​​​

Star Wars Resistance Station to Station Review

One of the things that got me thinking about this episode is that Hux mentions the “Supreme Leader” but like the episode “The Relic Raiders”, it is a mystery if its Snoke or Kylo Ren they are referring to. The timeline of Resistance is nebulous in regards to the main Sequel movies, but it is probably Kylo since Hux seems to be in an irritable mood and probably just finished getting “choked” over Crait already.​​​​​​​​ What really lost the episode for me was the total incompetence of Commander Pyre. He also appeared in this episode and was slow to react and incapable of controlling an easy situation. Capture two “nerds”. Not that hard. I feel like he needs to be demoted but then again the Empire promoted Agent Kallus after his many failings….. ​​​​​​The escape sequence was a total joke and coupled with the irrelevant objective of capturing the Colossus, I sadly give this episode 2 out of 5 Death Stars.

Star Wars Resistance is currently showing on Disney XD.


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