December 10, 2022
SHF Han Solo Star Wars The Force Awakens Review

Thomas jumps aboard the Millennium Falcon for adventure alongside Tamashii Nations’ all-new Han Solo figure from The Force Awakens

S.H. Figuarts’ December releases include two figures from the Sequel trilogy, among them is Han Solo from The Force Awakens, first revealed years ago during one of Tamashii Nations’ event reveals, fans were beginning to wonder if this figure would ever be released. After a long wait, we can finally get this one and it was worth it!

SHF Han Solo The Force Awakens Review 1

This figure comes with the new Star Wars base stand from the emblem stage collection. I’m pretty sure the emblem that was to be included was a Rebel emblem but it looks like I got the Imperial logo instead. This one is black with the Imperial logo in white on it and Star Wars written on the middle.

SHF Han Solo Star Wars The Force Awakens Review 2

In terms of accessories, there are 5 interchangeable hands, a blaster, an holster with a blaster in it and an empty holster. The holster system is the same as A New Hope Han Solo, you clip it on the leg.

SHF Han Solo Star Wars The Force Awakens Review

As a big Han Solo fan and someone who thinks The Force Awakens gave us the best version of this character, I had high expectations for this figure and I can tell you I wasn’t disappointed! The head sculpt is spot on Harrison Ford, I love my scruffy scoundrel! Well done S.H. Figuarts!

The outfit is screen accurate with great paint apps and nice details. They got the right textures for the different pieces of clothing, I’m really satisfied!

SHF Han Solo Star Wars The Force Awakens Review 3

The blaster is a repaint of the ANH blaster so it’s as detailed and beautifully painted as usual with Figuarts.

Compared to the Black Series figure, the SHF version is the best hands down – better paint apps, better details and an amazing head sculpt!


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Final Thoughts:

This is hands down the best Harrison Ford 6 inch figure, a must-have!


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