The Mandalorian Chapter 8 'Redemption' Review

If perfection was a TV show, The Mandalorian is it! Read our season finale review


The Mandalorian Season 1 finale was perhaps one of the best things I’ve seen in 2019. Across all mediums of entertainment. The Rise of Skywalker failed to live up to the standards. And it did not (in my opinion) properly end the greatest story ever told. I was totally bummed out and felt like Disney made a big mistake in buying Star Wars. Those bitter feelings have faded after seeing the 8th and final chapter of The Mandalorian.​​​​​​​​​

The Mandalorian Chapter 8 Redemption Scout Troopers


I didn’t think Jon Favreau could top the previous episode in terms of action, drama, suspense, and excellent writing. But, yeah, he did.​​​​​​​​ Mando and his allies are pinned down and Moff Gideon is prepared to blast them to Malachor. Gideon is creepy. He knows the Mandalorian’s birth name and that Care Dune was a Rebel shock trooper.

The Mandalorian Chapter 8 Moff Gideon

Anyway, Gideon gives them until nightfall to surrender. Things seem hopeless, but that’s what you have droids for. IG-11 shined like a bright light in this episode; coupling droid humor with the brutal and badass killing of Stormtroopers. He was literally at one point a one-man army. And I feel the Clone Wars would have gone a lot differently if the Separatists had used IG units instead of those useless B-1’s.

The Mandalorian Chapter 8 Review IG-11


Mando or Din Djarin (as he is revealed to be) gets injured and selflessly asks his friends to leave him behind and save The Child. Cara, who has formed a strong bond with him, refuses. It is a testament to Favreau’s talent as a writer to see how much these characters have grown on me after such a short time. Cara is a sexy tomboyish badass. Greef Karga has a loveable Lando Calrissian-esque look and charm. Mando is a boss. Baby Yoda is one of the most mysterious characters ever. And finally, IG-11 is well……hilarious.​​​​​​

The Mandalorian Chapter 8 Review The Armorer


The plan to escape and survive is harrowing and was full of thrill at every turn. The lava river they travel invokes the feel of Charon taking the dead down the River Styx to Hades. The droid who rows the boat is of a VERY cool, hybrid design. Something I’ve never seen in Star Wars before. Bravo to the creativity!​​​​​​ Even though the episode has tons of explosions like a bad Michael Bay film, EVERYTHING works.

The final battle sequences are one of the few times that this film era excels. Portraying these images in the late ’70s/early ’80s would have been impossible. I am NOT a fan of CGI.  But when something extremely difficult to simulate is presented to you, the late teens are where it’s at.​​​​​​​​​​​

The Mandalorian Chapter 8 Review Mando, Greef and Cara Dune


The end wraps everything in Season 1 nicely. All the loose ends are tied up (for now) and we can only grasp at straws at what Season 2 will bring. The Mandalorian’s story and character are all fleshed out as well in this episode. And even though we get everything in under an hour, all the revelations do not feel rushed. I’ve never been more excited about a series as a whole. And I am foaming at the mouth for more. It didn’t need any surprise characters and at the end, you will be mouthing “Where the hell did he get that!”​​​​


If perfection was a TV show, The Mandalorian would be it. I give it 99% out of 100. Stream the whole series now on Disney+. It is something you cannot miss!

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