SHF Luke Skywalker Crait Star Wars The Last Jedi Review

Thomas heads to Crait for an encounter with Tamashii Nations’ all-new Luke Skywalker action figure from The Last Jedi

S.H. Figuarts’ second Star Wars December release is Luke Skywalker (Crait) from the iconic scene in Rian Johnson’s The Last Jedi.


This figure comes with a Jedi emblem stage base. The Jedi logo is brown/golden with a stand painted in white.


In terms of accessories, this one comes with 4 interchangeable hands, 2 interchangeable faces (and yes we’re back with interchangeable faces instead of heads), Han’s dice, the Skywalker lightsaber, the Skywalker lightsaber hilt. The dice are so tiny that it’s hard to get proper details on them but I’m very glad we have them! The hilt is the same as TLJ Rey so it has good paint apps and it is detailed. The only change is the blue is less translucid. The lightsaber hilt can be attached on the belt.


The glam shots for this figure were quite awful, the headsculpt didn’t look like Mark Hamill in any way but the final product is quite different! The first headsculpt really looks like Luke, it’s a great headsculpt! It’s basically the headsculpt from the first TLJ Luke figure that Figuarts made but with another haircut. The second headsculpt is not as great as the first one mostly because of that facial expression with the eyes, it’s still good but not great.

The outfit is accurate and has nice paint apps, Tamashii tried to recreate the different textures of the clothes Luke wears, it’s great!


If you have read the latest comics The Rise Of Kylo Ren, you know Luke wears this outfit when he trains Ben Solo and still has his green lightsaber. I can tell you the lightsaber from Return Of The Jedi Luke fits on this one so you can recreate scenes from this comic!


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Final Thoughts:

A great addition to the Sequel collection! Forget the glam shots, the final product is amazing!


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