December 6, 2022
Review | Star Wars: Resistance - The Missing Agent

Max sinks his teeth into Star Wars: Resistance S2.12 – The Missing Agent

“The Missing Agent” begins very strongly, with an alien Resistance agent and his droid being pursued. Before the agent (Norath) is captured; he manages to put out a distress signal, alerting the Resistance to his peril. Unfortunately, he is captured by a wisecracking bounty hunter, who cruelly destroys his droid. Droids are like loyal pets/companions in Star Wars, and I’m shocked the writers would do that.

Review | Star Wars: Resistance - The Missing Agent

The bounty hunter, at first glance, has armor that reminds me a little of Durge, except this guy has horns. It’s still an intimidating visual though. ​​​​​Kaz gets Norath’s distress signal and wants to help. Yeager also seems eager to also help, which is odd, considering how cautious he usually is. Doza then says to come back in a day or the Colossus is leaving – with or without them. While this may seem a little callous; Doza needs to ensure the safety of the wanted denizens of the Colossus. He probably secretly wishes Kaz would leave, since Kaz is one of the most wanted beings in the galaxy right now.​​​

Review | Star Wars: Resistance - The Missing Agent

When investigating, Kaz, Yeager, Synara and CB-23 travel to a village on a non-descript planet and encounter an annoying Gran salesman named Leechi. Leechi quickly is revealed to be a First Order sympathizer and sounds the alarm. ​​​​​​​​Kaz always brings Synara when on a potentially dangerous mission, and she really shines in this episode. She is much better with weapons and hand to hand combat than Yeager and Kaz, but that makes sense, since she was a and IS a pirate.​​​​​​​

The bounty hunter is an Iktochi, a cool species that we rarely see and he sports a green, glowing energy axe weapon. At first I thought he was a badass; but he kinda sucks. He sure is no Boba Fett! The bounty hunter wants to sell Resistance members to the First Order for credits and something dawns on me. Why is this the first we see of a bounty hunter this season? Kaz’s father in Episode 1 says that bounty hunters are after the Colossus. Is the Colossus that hard to track? The Iktochi wasn’t even after the Colossus! Kaz and co. just end up getting caught in his “net”.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Review | Star Wars: Resistance - The Missing Agent

The episode ends in the first cliffhanger of the season and had definitely had some good points (like CB-23 crashing the bounty hunters ship from inside the cargo hold). Yet, some parts of the episode were hard to watch. The fight sequences were boring; the bounty hunter really has more bark than bite, and the “interrogation” with Leechi was pretty pathetic. Also, they barely catch his name when he first introduces himself; and then the quartet remembers him? Bad writing.​​​​​​​​​​​​​ The Colossus has also undoubtingly gained a new “resident” (Norath) and we will see if he stays with the Colossus like Mika Grey.

Review | Star Wars: Resistance - The Missing Agent

Not a bad episode, but nothing to write home about. Last bad joke; I promise. Anyways, I give it a 70 out of 100.


Star Wars Resistance is currently showing on Disney XD.


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