Star Wars Outer Rim Board Game Review

Steve jumps to lightspeed and emerges in the Outer Rim for a spin around the game board…

I first had the chance to test out this game in Chicago at the Fantasy Flight booth at last year’s Star Wars Celebration. Unfortunately, I was unable to procure a copy there because of the speed at which copies were selling out. As soon as I got home, I made sure to pre-order it from my local game shop.

Star Wars: Outer Rim (The Board Game)

Star Wars Outer Rim Board Game

Outer Rim is a board game that takes you through exactly as advertised, the outer rim of Star Wars. You play as outlaws, pirates, and mercenaries such as Boba Fett, Jyn Erso, Bossk, Doctor Aphra, and even Han Solo, among others. Taking these characters through the fringes of the galaxy, you collect money for doing jobs to include smuggling illegal cargo or finding bounties. The money you collect allows you to purchase equipment, ships and upgrades that further you along in your pursuit for fame and fortune while you avoid hostile factions such as Hutts and Imperials.

Star Wars Outer Rim Game Board

The game even includes rules for single-play action, allowing you to play against an AI component. The game really shines when more players (up to 4) get in on the action.

The artwork and overall design of the game are incredible and really allows you to immerse yourself against the backdrop of the part of Star Wars that is usually only lightly mentioned in the saga films. The board itself is odd-shaped which leads to the character of the game and it is easy to learn.

I believe that Outer Rim is the Star Wars board game we have been looking for.


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