September 26, 2022
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Annlyel dissects the events of Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker and discovers the erosion of the Skywalker legacy

After recently writing a post detailing the sadness I felt with Luke Skywalker‘s role in The Rise of Skywalker I realized something that struck home, and not in a good way.

The Rise of Skywalker is a travesty of a Star Wars film for a very particular reason, beyond the various nitpicking I could deliver in varying detail. It destroys the Skywalker story, hence the Skywalker legacy. Anakin Skywalker‘s sacrifice and the defeat of Palpatine were delegitimized considering that Palpatine would go on to survive and wreak more havoc, thus also ruining the prophecy that a person, born of no father (like Anakin, not Rey) would bring balance to the Force.


Luke Skywalker would be turned into a joke of a character rather than the powerful Jedi Master that we once knew him as.

And Ben Solo, the last true member of the Skywalker lineage, was figuratively cast aside as we see Leia and Luke (as Force ghosts) embracing Rey (who’s a Palpatine) as a “Skywalker” and Ben Solo wasn’t even given the chance to be shown as a Force ghost on Tatooine alongside his mother and uncle. Not to mention, it was Rey who would go on to destroy Palpatine instead of Ben, which was a lot less fulfilling. Think about it.

The Rise Of Skywalker Rey meets Palpatine

Ben Solo, Anakin’s grandson! would have defeated Palpatine. That feels a lot more powerful than Rey, his granddaughter (because they had to make her related to somebody right?) ending the dark lord once and for all. I get it. Female empowerment, yippee. But in terms of the overall story of the saga, Rey didn’t have the right to bring an end to a villain who had such a tie to the Skywalker family. That’s like having Wonder Woman defeat Lex Luthor. Yeah, he’s a villain, but the person who should be bringing an end to that character, personally, should be Superman. Ben killed Snoke. Let him end the real person who had tormented him for so many years.


The Rise of Skywalker unraveled a story that has been as solid as solid can be. George Lucas, despite his mishaps, did deliver a sound story that had a beginning, a middle, and an end. And that story has been turned into space mush.


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3 thoughts on “The Rise of Skywalker Destroys the Skywalker Legacy

  1. It didn’t fit in with the way you wanted it to end so the Skywalker legacy was destroyed. Who was going to bring Kylo Ren back from the dark side if not Rey? Rey had every right to end her grandfather. It was the Skywalkers who treated her like family, not Palpatine. Your actions determine who you are, not your blood. I believe TRoS wraps up the Skywalker saga very neatly and is a fitting end to a saga that I first saw as a young child in 1977. Abrams and the cast displayed the ethos of Star Wars brilliantly.

  2. Ben Solo not killing Palpatine was the least of this trilogy’s problems. It’s not just “The Rise of Skywalker” that was a travesty. All three of the Sequel Trilogy movies were travesties in my eyes. Including the vastly overrated “The Last Jedi”.

  3. I’m glad a fellow fangirl call out the bs of the supposedly “female epowerment” hypocrisy in which these movies love to shield themselves.

    Instead of recognizing the bland and antithetical storyline in which they not just undermine the themes of the original movies, they egocentrically belive that marketing inside these mindless movies a societal and important movement that seeks for the equallism of human rights, will somehow absolve them of poor writing, poor character development, bland protagonist, deux Machina plot finales, bad pacing and unappreciation of the creator’s original intent all for a cash grab and a stroke in the back for representing “strong female characters”.

    As far as I can tell in most classical stories, power doesn’t make you strong, and strength comes from learning from failure. Luke Skywalker didn’t defeat the Emperor with a show of power, he defeated evil by rejecting it enterily.

    I am a Jedi, like my Father before me, is an iconic phrase that resonates with 3 generation of fans in the world because is a declaration that carries the emotinal struggle of a journey about learning from mistakes, learning patience, understanding stakes, compassion and forgiveness for a man that became a monster like Darth Vader.

    Is Luke Skywalker true self manifested, there is pride and bravery in that sentece, and we the audince, feel that pride alongside the character, despite Luke throwing away his only way of defense, in that moment he learned to become a true Jedi.

    Comparing that climax to the idiotic phrase I AM ALL THE JEDII!!!!!!!!. Not only undermines the theme of that iconic moment, it is a reverse of the idea that learining from your choices is what makes you strong, it is a self centered assertion that with enough power the evil, who also seeks power, is ultimately and finally defeated.

    These new movies are at the heart completely hollow, a representation of the corporate thinking we live on today.

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