December 10, 2022
Star Wars: Resistance - The New World & No Place Safe Review

Max sinks his teeth into Star Wars: Resistance S2.15 – The New World & S2.16 – No Place Safe

If these two episodes were the finale, I wouldn’t mind at all. The New World and No Place Safe were two of the best episodes of Star Wars: Resistance to date. It starts with Kaz tinkering with the Fireball, and then suddenly the Colossus starts to shake and Kaz thinks the station is under attack. Neeku quickly informs Kaz that the shaking is merely turbulence in entering the atmosphere of a planet. How does Kaz not know that? I like when science comes into play in Star Wars, and I once thought of what the transition from space to the atmosphere might do to a ship.​

Star Wars Resistance The New World 1

Doza has found a new world, (hence the name), similar to Castilon for the Colossus to have a home. I think it’s really great that Doza took the time to find this place, and I feel it is long overdue. Running on fumes is not a smart plan.​ My wish from before has also been granted, and when Kaz is paired with Ace Griff to survey the planet; we learn why he left the Empire and why he’s so loyal to Captain Doza. Doza served as Griff’s commander in the Empire before he defected. Little crumbs of backstory like this are what fuel me.​

Star Wars Resistance The New World 3

The ocean world, Aeos is a beautiful planet with coral colors and rings around it. Also, the old Rebellion base, Griff and Kaz find is a throwback to the Yavin 4 base from A New Hope. It has green glass computers and everything. Nice throwback. The Aeosians are an aquatic species and they have a very Avatar-esque look to them. They are technically primitive (no speeder or ships) but they have some knowledge of energy manipulation in tools.​ The episode has very good writing, as the Aeosians find Griff’s helmet and understandably assume he is affiliated with the First Order due to the similar helmet design. The First Order has razed the Alliance base and Kaz doesn’t know if this planet is safe for the Colossus.​ The Aeosians also go to the Colossus and Jarek Yeager seems to be the only one smart enough to know about what to do in first contact situations. Do NOT engage.

Star Wars Resistance The New World 3

Despite this, it is nice to see the B2’s being put to good use – even though they still completely suck. The Aeosians and the Colossus eventually make nice due to Kaz’s kind nature, and they allow the crew to stay. Yet, Kaz feels a calling to fight and wants to leave the Colossus for the Resistance. He plans to rendezvous at Batuu (since we know from Black Spire; it is a Resistance base) with Norath, but things don’t always go as planned. ​

I really, really liked these two episodes and I’m glad they aired back to back. I loved exploring Griff’s character, and was very pleased that despite thinking Kaz is a boob; he is still protective of him and ready to take the heat for him. He’s gruff, but overall, a good guy. Too nice for the Empire for sure.​ I was very surprised to see Bucket in this episode. He was mostly MIA this season and I’m glad he played a role. Speaking of droids, I also liked the First Order orbital probe. Let’s just say it’s a huge technical improvement from Empire Strikes Back.​

Star Wars Resistance No Place Safe 1

One of the great things about this show is that the characters are so developed and defined. Everyone is truly sad to see Kaz go and Tam’s inner struggle is believably deep. She still feels affection for her old home and friends. The only things I didn’t like about this episode were entirely technical. I love futuristic and sci-fi tech and when there are problems with it; I​ tend to nitpick. For example; when they land on the planet, there is tons of water to desalinate and they instead try and locate a freshwater source. When they were on Castilon, did they ship water out from other planets? What a waste! Also on the high end of things, when Kaz heals the injured Aeosian; he just puts this little box against his neck for a few seconds and he instantly is healed. I know bacta is incredible, but come on! In linguistic science, it also seems peculiar that the Aeosians can speak Basic. Perhaps they learned it from the Rebels, but it would’ve been cooler to have CB-23 or Bucket translate an alien language.​ Yet, I need to chill and stop with my tech and science obsessions. Star Wars is first and foremost space fantasy and science will always take a back seat.​

Star Wars Resistance No Place Safe 2

This was just such an enjoyable episode block and I can’t say enough how it sells the Sequel Trilogy for me. I give it 96% out of 100.


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